Song Reviews

Sunglasses: Whiplash [mp3]

I’m impressed. Greatly. Sunglasses take highly infectious electro sounds and drop in dark, moody, yet nonchalant vocals in their song “Whiplash”. Calm and relaxed, the contrast to Sunglasses’ big beat electronic sounds is borderline genius. “Whiplash” is bizarre, but it’s fun — super fun. Sunglasses is the brainchild of Samuel Cooper and Brady Keehn. Influenced… Continue reading Sunglasses: Whiplash [mp3]

Album Reviews

Neon Indian: Psychic Chasms [Album Review]

Prior to the release of debut LP Psychic Chasms, Austin’s Neon Indian had already begun to garner a substantial quantity of hype from tastemakers across the globe. In first visiting Psychic Chasms, one is struck with the term ambiguous. Sure, the album and the band hint at a wider experimental electro-folk, folktronica, or whatever subgenre… Continue reading Neon Indian: Psychic Chasms [Album Review]