Hey New York: Date Marnie Stern. Seriously.

That scene in Hi Fidelity. You know the one — Rob, Dick and Barry are in the club listening to Marie De Salle play that Peter Frampton cover and they talk about dating/living with a musician. Hopeless romantics, the lot of ’em. Well, if you’re a single dude in New York and you can relate… Continue reading Hey New York: Date Marnie Stern. Seriously.

Song Reviews

Kinski: Conflict Free Diamonds

I’m a car guy. It’s pretty damn obvious. I gave up my 1974 BMW (sadly) back in December, but that makes my daily driver a jet black (interior and exterior) 1979 El Camino. The thing is beastly, with a 350 four barrel carb and dual exhaust. The torque gives me tingles. Likewise, I get that… Continue reading Kinski: Conflict Free Diamonds

Song Reviews

Stereo Total: Baby Ouh! [mp3]

On their latest LP, Stereo Total does a good job satiating fans with a full 17 tracks, though label Kill Rock Stars notes that the band wrote 40 for the album. Now, I’m not much of a Stereo Total expert, but Baby Ouh! feels a bit more experimental than what I’ve heard from the band.… Continue reading Stereo Total: Baby Ouh! [mp3]

Album Reviews

Xiu Xiu: The Air Force [Album Review]

Written by Jeremy Ryan. When thinking about challenging bands like Xiu Xiu (MySpace), the words “stable” or “consistent” do not spring to mind. They are not supposed to release a gaggle of jaw-dropping, eerie records as frequently and reliably as they do (four records since 2004). After hearing 2004’s borderline masterpiece Fabulous Muscles, I gave… Continue reading Xiu Xiu: The Air Force [Album Review]


Jeff Hanson: 1978 – 2009

Sad news was released last Friday, as the independent music world lost an amazing talent, and the world lost an amazing individual. Jeff Hanson was found dead in his new apartment; preliminary reports are calling it an accidental fall. I met Jeff a few years back when he performed at a small art gallery in… Continue reading Jeff Hanson: 1978 – 2009


Horse Feathers [Feature Band]

Horse Feathers conjure an older definition of “gothic” in their music. It is the term as used in Southern fiction—at once horrible and beautiful. Like Flannery O’Connor’s short stories or Tennessee Williams’ plays, the songs are populated by families and lovers that are grotesque in the way that they can barely conceal their terrible pain,… Continue reading Horse Feathers [Feature Band]

Album Reviews

The Thermals: Now We Can See [Album Review]

This time, The Thermals come to us via another label, Olympia’s famed Kill Rock Stars. However, having shed the Sub Pop label for that of KRS has not necessarily thrown them back to the minimally produced days of the beloved No Culture Icons. If anything, Now We Can See has more production than their last… Continue reading The Thermals: Now We Can See [Album Review]


Jeff Hanson: If I Only Knew [Video]

Written by Fense Madam Owl is the title of the new album by Jeff Hanson (MySpace), out now on Kill Rock Stars, and it’s quite a change from Son and his self-titled release. Overall, Hanson departs from folk and dives headlong into pop. However, that’s not the biggest change on Madam Owl… no, it’s the… Continue reading Jeff Hanson: If I Only Knew [Video]