Song Reviews

Langhorn Slim: I Love You, But Goodbye [Track Review]

“I Love You, But Goodbye”, off Langhorne Slim‘s forthcoming junior release Be Set Free, continues Langhorne’s soulful gospel-style folk. Building from the most subtle of beginnings, the song grows to include powerfully emotive vocals backed by a hefty orchestrated instrumentation. In “I Love You, But Goodbye”, Slim fully realizes his already impressive ability to craft… Continue reading Langhorn Slim: I Love You, But Goodbye [Track Review]


O’Death: Lowtide [Video]

There’s something totally creepy about this video. Maybe it’s the epileptic intro, sure to send you into a seizure. Or maybe it’s the way the band seems to have been thrust into the 21st century from the mid 1800s pioneer days. Or maybe it’s the fact that they coddle skeletons and what appear to be… Continue reading O’Death: Lowtide [Video]


Marissa Nadler: River Of Dirt [Video]

Oh how yee young’ins grow. Way back in my grad school days, I remember picking up a copy of Ballads Of Living And Dying, what I believe was Marissa Nadler‘s first LP, from the KZUU promo rack. At the time she was just another new artist in a sea of new artist albums. What intrigued… Continue reading Marissa Nadler: River Of Dirt [Video]

Album Reviews

TK Webb & The Visions: Ancestor [Album Review]

Written by Fense Cracking the Digipak CD case on TK Webb’s (MySpace) Ancestor, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The cover portrays giant wooden gates opening in the middle of either a desert dusk or dawn, and the sparse clouds are starkly white against the deep blue sky. The back shows a similar landscape—but without… Continue reading TK Webb & The Visions: Ancestor [Album Review]