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This Just In: New LPs from HHBTM Records

I got a package the other week from HHBTM full of new releases from the Athens, GA-based label. Mike at the label was kind enough to pass along the latest albums he’s releasing. Four records to be exact: new LPs from Eureka California, Orca Team, Sweater Girls, and Tunabunny. I’ve been a fan of HHBTM… Continue reading This Just In: New LPs from HHBTM Records


Fishboy: Alyson Revere [Video]

Oh Fishboy, you never fail to amuse. We interviewed Fishboy’s Eric Michener a few months back about his new LP, Classic Creeps, which finally came out this week. Yeah, we’ve been rocking to it since January and can contest to its total awesomeness. Well, in celebration of the release, Michener, aka Fishboy, put together a… Continue reading Fishboy: Alyson Revere [Video]

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Six new Singles by HHBTM

The HHBTM team has sent me two lovely little packages in the past few months, the second of which arrived just last week. I figured it was high time to give them coverage… in list form! HHBTM, if you’re not familiar with the label, is short from Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records, and they’ve… Continue reading Six new Singles by HHBTM


The Superions: Who Threw That Ham At Me ? [Video]

Let’s not sugar coat the story here. The Superions‘ single and respected video, “Who Threw That Ham At Me” is nothing more than a strange story about getting caught shoplifiting meat products and all while enjoying a nice disco and inventing a new dance to twirl about and “flip your lid”. Seems kind of strange,… Continue reading The Superions: Who Threw That Ham At Me ? [Video]

Album Reviews

Baby Calendar: Gingerbread Dog [Album Review]

Gingerbread Dog is the debut release on HHBTM for this Florida trio. Baby Calendar has released before, but it was all DIY. And while I have yet to crack the past album, Fifteen Year Old Sneakers, I must say that what I’ve heard on Gingerbread Dog is on the verge of brilliance. To quote their… Continue reading Baby Calendar: Gingerbread Dog [Album Review]

Album Reviews

Keith John Adams: Unclever [Album Review]

In the grunge music of the 90s we saw the mass standardization of the head-bang. For you young ones, that’s when you take your nasty, long, greasy, unwashed hair and whip it from back to front and front to back in rapid motions. The result, obviously, is brain damage. That’s what rock-n-roll will do for… Continue reading Keith John Adams: Unclever [Album Review]

Album Reviews

Hotpants Romance: It’s A Heatwave [Album Review]

Hotpants Romance are so perfectly strange they’re almost hard to comprehend. They boast their work as “three girls, three years, three chords”. They really are as simple as that on the surface. Yet, there are so many things from their album It’s A Heatwave that are shiny, bright, and utterly complicated in the most splendid… Continue reading Hotpants Romance: It’s A Heatwave [Album Review]

Album Reviews

Afternoon Naps: Parade [Album Review]

This may come as a surprise: Ohio is a hot spot for up-and-coming indie pop artists. There’s Pomegranates out of Cincinnati and Bears in Cleveland. Rounding out the power trio is Cleveland’s Afternoon Naps. Catchy melodies and memorable vocal hooks can be found throughout their sophomore release, Parades. But there’s much more behind the music… Continue reading Afternoon Naps: Parade [Album Review]


Eux Autres: Anne Boleyn [Video]

Written by Fense My FensePost inbox is out of control. Recently, it topped 500 messages, most of which I had yet to read. Thanks to a bit more free time of late, I am finally beginning to tackle this mass o’ crap and get some shit done. One item that surprisingly slipped through the cracks… Continue reading Eux Autres: Anne Boleyn [Video]