Cover Art

Snow Caps: Moonbreak [Cover Art]

Edible Onion always provides the most unique cover art, be it on CD or vinyl. One of their latest is from a band called Snow Caps, the release: Moonbreak. Snow Caps creates light, playful bedroom folk-pop. The band is Andrew Keller of Hermit Thrushes, and Moonbreak is the result of more than two years of… Continue reading Snow Caps: Moonbreak [Cover Art]

Album Reviews

Hermit Thrushes: Slight Fountain [Album Review]

What a strange batch of Greek inspired gypsies Hermit Thrushes appear to be. Their alt-pop/folk is as intriguing as a businessman at Hempfest. And their slightly obtuse yet captivating sophomore release Slight Fountain crosses forward and backwards between obscurity and acoustic purity. Their songs are short in length, but not in passion. A true testament… Continue reading Hermit Thrushes: Slight Fountain [Album Review]