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The Moondoggies: Adios I’m a Ghost

“I’m a Ghost”, the opening for the new 12 track Adios I’m a Ghost album from The Moondoggies, begins with 23 seconds of thick vocal harmony that is true to folk with its soothing and laid back nature. However, this is merely a false sense of security.  With crashing drums from Carl Dahlen, and lively guitar… Continue reading The Moondoggies: Adios I’m a Ghost


Coming Soon: The Anacortes Unknown Music Series #2

I must admit, I was quite sad to hear that What The Heck Fest, an über indie music festival in Anacortes, WA, was coming to an end after ten years. While I had only attended a few, I caught a many great acts at the event, including The Hive Dwellers and Stephen Steinbrink. Good news:… Continue reading Coming Soon: The Anacortes Unknown Music Series #2

Album Reviews

Lost Animal: Ex Tropical (Album Review)

Australia’s Lost Animal is a conundrum. It’s a conundrum because I find it very difficult to describe. Preface: I’ve been enjoying the sounds of Ex Tropical since November. Far enough back that I attempted to put the album on my Top 50 LPs of 2012 list, despite noting its release date in my coverage of… Continue reading Lost Animal: Ex Tropical (Album Review)


Lost Animal: Say No To Thugs (Video)

There have been a lot of videos about death and murder this year. In “A Dark God Heart” by Sleep Party People, a little girl finds a body beneath the water in a bathtub. “A Game” by Ski Lodge has an American Psycho edge to it. A serial killer takes out Liars in “No. 1… Continue reading Lost Animal: Say No To Thugs (Video)

Song Reviews

Unnatural Helpers: Hate Your Teachers MP3

There’s fuel here, power and angst. Unnatural Helpers is back with a new track called “Hate Your Teachers” and they have given high schoolers the perfect summer anthem. School’s out, no worries, f*** the world. Seriously. “Hate Your Teachers” is among Unnatural Helpers louder tunes, and that’s a feat given the inherent nature of the… Continue reading Unnatural Helpers: Hate Your Teachers MP3


Grave Babies: Fuck Off (Video)

“Fuck Off” is a somewhat departure from “Nightmare”, the first publicly available track off Grave Babies‘ debut Hardly Art EP, Gothdammit. Amidst a softly pleasant backdrop are slightly creepy, pseudo-surreal gothic images put forth by director Jordan Utley. The opening notes of the song are initially reminiscent of Bunkbed’s cover of Xiu Xiu’s “Fallen Angel… Continue reading Grave Babies: Fuck Off (Video)

Song Reviews

Grave Babies: Nightmare

“Nightmare” mixes post-punk and fuzz for a highly infectious coldwave sound. It’s a bit odd, coming from Seattle. The fuzz seeps into everything, the harmony vocals, the percussion, all stemming from the guitar. Grave Babies maintain the nonchalant-ness of their chosen genre, yet there’s something oddly upbeat and positive about “Nightmare”.

Song Reviews

Black Marble: Pretender

Black Marble is Ty Kube and Chris Stewart, who produce somewhat minimalist synth music. With a synth drum beat, a synth melody, and deep, dark vocals, “Pretender” is a song that is one part Joy Division, one part Craft Spells, and one part its own thing. The song can be found on the band’s new… Continue reading Black Marble: Pretender