Handsome Furs: I’m Confused [Video Review]

The always clever and crafty Handsome Furs were kind enough to bring their new single “I’m Confused” (from their highly anticipated sophomore release Face Control) to an embedded theater near you (and your closest laptop). And what better way to fuel a hyped 80’s keyboard sound with indie aspiration than… a zombie love story! This… Continue reading Handsome Furs: I’m Confused [Video Review]


Handsome Furs [Feature Band]

Oh god, what have I done? Why have I done it? Actually, why haven’t I done it? I, of course, am referring to my extensive music library lacking anything whatsoever from Handsome Furs. I mean, how could I have let this happen? I guess you know what’s coming next… yep! They’ve got a new album… Continue reading Handsome Furs [Feature Band]