Song Reviews

Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun: We Were Wild MP3

“We Were Wild” by Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun is a track like Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up”. It defies all you thought you knew about rock music, takes things in a completely different direction than expected — a direction much more anthemic and epic. Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun draws from an insurmountable… Continue reading Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun: We Were Wild MP3

Album Reviews

Southerly: Youth (Album Review)

Some artists seem to prefer a sound that is constant, well structured, and predictable in the kindest sense. Krist Krueger, a.k.a. Southerly, is not one of these artists. But this is not to say that he is a frantic-minded artist hell bend on chaos, for he is actually quite the opposite. Krueger simply denies the… Continue reading Southerly: Youth (Album Review)


The Heligoats [Feature]

Bellingham by way of Chicago artist The Heligoats masters the power of pop songwriter sensibilities in their new album, Goodness Gracious (Greyday Records). The band is fronted by new Washington resident Chris Otepka, who wrote and recorded the band with Mike Mergenthaler, David James and Steven Mitchell. Collectively, they are The Heligoats, a band who… Continue reading The Heligoats [Feature]