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20 Must Hear Albums from 2010: A Mid-Year List

I know, I’ve owed this one to you, my readers, for a few months now. The plan originally was to concoct a sort of mid-year recap of the first half, dictating a slew of wonderful albums that may or may not come to find a spot on the inevitable end-of-year list. A hint at what… Continue reading 20 Must Hear Albums from 2010: A Mid-Year List

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Golden Triangle: Double Jointer [Album Review]

Clash art punk with the resurgence of a somewhat Grrrl Rock sound and you’ll begin to get the picture Golden Triangle paints. Double Jointer is the band’s debut full length, following a self-titled EP from last year. Golden Triangle’s sound is based around noise. Everything is loud, in your face, and over the top. Exotic… Continue reading Golden Triangle: Double Jointer [Album Review]

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Golden Triangle: Neon Noose [mp3]

Noisy post-punk garage with pop-worthy hooks: if you were lucky enough to snag a wax copy of Golden Triangle‘s self-titled EP on Mexican Summer, that’s what you got. That and one of the coolest pieces of vinyl out there with a cream meets gold display of plastic artistry. Golden Triangle is back and this time… Continue reading Golden Triangle: Neon Noose [mp3]

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10 Must-Hear Albums From The First Half Of 2009

We’re now half way through 2009, so I figured it was about time to collect a few favorites from the year thus far. I’ve put together 10 must-hear albums from the first half of 2009. To alleviate any bias, and because I’m totally obsessed with this style of categorization, I’m putting them alphabetically.

Album Reviews

Golden Triangle: Golden Triangle [Album Review]

Insanity comes in many forms, most undesirable. However, there is one that is much more intriguing and inspirational than the others: audible insanity. Golden Triangle (MySpace) is the perfect example of outstanding audible insanity. It can be heard in their music, and seen in the photographs of their live performances. They don’t call it garage… Continue reading Golden Triangle: Golden Triangle [Album Review]