Saâda Bonaire: You Could Be More As You Are

On their announcement of their forthcoming reissue of Saâda Bonaire’s lone single from the early 80s, Captured Tracks made note to file the group under Why was this band not huge?. Makes perfect sense; listening to the band’s single “You Could Be More As You Are”, one is adorned with sounds somewhere between Kraftwork (the… Continue reading Saâda Bonaire: You Could Be More As You Are

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White Wishes: Today [Album Review]

Berlin based band White Wishes have created some smooth songs; tunes that feel good and flow effortlessly. Their 4-track E.P. Today (via Shelflife records) is a delicious listen from beginning to end, full of irresistible hooks, hazy vocals, and clean instrumentals. Pulsing and progressive, these guys have balanced that tricky line between loose and focused.

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Stereo Total: Baby Ouh! [mp3]

On their latest LP, Stereo Total does a good job satiating fans with a full 17 tracks, though label Kill Rock Stars notes that the band wrote 40 for the album. Now, I’m not much of a Stereo Total expert, but Baby Ouh! feels a bit more experimental than what I’ve heard from the band.… Continue reading Stereo Total: Baby Ouh! [mp3]

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Entertainment For The Braindead: Roadkill [Album Review]

It’s been one of those lives. We seem incapable of escaping our never-ending days and too-short nights. We are in agreement with the Mad Hatter on this one, as time won’t do a thing we ask. Suddenly, we’ve stopped. We’re sitting. We’re staring. Only in thoughtless meditation could we possibly become refreshed enough to carry… Continue reading Entertainment For The Braindead: Roadkill [Album Review]

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Lali Puna: Remember [mp3]

With such a nostalgia-inspiring title for Lali Puna‘s first single off her upcoming LP – the group’s first in over five years – one can’t help but reminisce on the past. I recall picking up 2004’s Faking The Books around the time of its release; I quickly became obsessed with “Micronimic”, the title track and… Continue reading Lali Puna: Remember [mp3]