On the Radio

Fense’s Radio Show: October 14, 2011

Being that my typical night consists of hitting the sack at around 10pm, and that my new radio show is Friday nights from 10pm to midnight, I figured that my second show would center around the theme of sleep. So I pieced together a playlist of bedroom pop, chill wave, dreamy shoegaze and what I’ve… Continue reading Fense’s Radio Show: October 14, 2011

Song Reviews

Gem Club: Breakers (MP3)

Hardly Art is carving a unique niche in the bands they choose to release. While each band has its own distinctive style, three primary types exist. A garage-y pop and punk sound, a folk one, and one most commonly likened to the bedroom. Gem Club fits the last, with beautiful, mystical piano pop. They are… Continue reading Gem Club: Breakers (MP3)

Album Reviews

Gem Club: Acid And Everything [Album Review]

If there was anything that mesmerized me about last year’s We Built A Fire by Icelandic band Seabear, it was their ability to craft deep, heartfelt pop songs backed by heart-wrenching orchestral movements. At times their songs even come close to being upbeat. With Gem Club, upbeat isn’t an option. Like Seabear, Gem Club’s songs… Continue reading Gem Club: Acid And Everything [Album Review]