The Antlers: Bear [Video]

The only reason Hospice wasn’t in my top 50 of 2009, perhaps, was that I’d only heard experienced two tracks by The Anters‘ quite critically acclaimed album. Those songs were “Bear” and “Two”. Then they visited Daytrotter back in November and I heard a few more. Still, it wasn’t enough to form an overall opinion… Continue reading The Antlers: Bear [Video]

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The Dodos: Visiter [Album Review]

Written by Jeremy Ryan A friend of mine recently pointed out how quickly disposable today’s technology has rendered music. Though this statement appears to be quite obvious in a superficial sense; i.e., gone, for the most part, are the days of unwrapping a new album and listening to it’s contents with entirely fresh ears, excitedly… Continue reading The Dodos: Visiter [Album Review]