Album Reviews

September Girls’ Debut LP ‘Cursing the Sea’ is Out Now on Fortuna Pop!

Oh September Girls. These days, your heavily distorted female dominated pop group is somewhat run-of-the-mill. That sound blew up in the indie masses with Vivan Girls, and it continued with spinoffs Frankie Rose, Best Coast and La Sera. Hell, you even hear a bit of that sound in WOODS-related band The Babies.

Song Reviews

Tullycraft: Lost in Light Rotation

Every Scene Needs A Center, the brilliant LP from 2007, was the last time we heard from Seattle’s Tullycraft. That was six years ago. A few years after Every Scene, the band called it quits, but the hiatus was thankfully short and they’re back! Reformed anew and with some fresh tunes, the band will release… Continue reading Tullycraft: Lost in Light Rotation


Allo Darlin’: The Polaroid Song [Video]

Allo Darlin’ is a fairly new band, which is somewhat hard to believe after hearing “The Polaroid Song”. It has the sound of early 90s twee pop artists like, well, Talulah Gosh and Heavenly and Tender Trap. This is no surprise when you learn that they share a member (Elizabeth) with Amelia Fletcher’s Tender Trap.… Continue reading Allo Darlin’: The Polaroid Song [Video]