Opossom: Fly (Video)

Sam Kristofski works magic on this video for “Fly” by New Zealand psychedelic band Opossom. I’ve been obsessed with Opossom of late, both this video and the band’s LP Electric Hawaii. For “Fly”, the video joins a collective of great ones for the year, including those by Sleep Party People, Mount Eerie, and Pure Bathing… Continue reading Opossom: Fly (Video)

Album Reviews

Jackie-O Motherfucker: Earth Sound System [Album Review]

I initially found it very difficult to write about Jackie-O Motherfucker. After all, I’m a bit of a newcomer to the band, having only really listened to two, maybe three of their albums. And with a total of 15 under their belt since 1995, they have the history and repertoire that is both prolific and… Continue reading Jackie-O Motherfucker: Earth Sound System [Album Review]

Song Reviews

Howe Gelb: 4 Door Maverick [mp3]

One part a spoken whisper, another a harmonically sung tune, Howe Gelb‘s vocals are near mystical in their folk simplicity. These are vocals that, despite their light playful nature, can send chills down your arms. And, being a master of his trade, Gelb backs his voice with expert performers and well-crafted lyrics. “4 Door Maverick”… Continue reading Howe Gelb: 4 Door Maverick [mp3]


Snowblink [Feature]

Light folk-pop artists are nothing new, but Toronto’s Daniela Gesundheit and Dan Goldman create something unique with their project Snowblink. The band’s new album Long Live came out last month on Fire Records, and it’s filled with warm, catchy little tunes. Many, like “Ambergris” and “The Tired Bees” begin softly and minimally before adding orchestrated… Continue reading Snowblink [Feature]

Album Reviews

Bardo Pond: Bardo Pond [Album Review]

Bardo Pond is somewhat of a mystery. “Don’t Know About You” features epic soundscapes ringing with loud guitars and borderline grunge female vocals, a sound that is stunning at the very least. Then there are songs like “Sleeping” which dive into more minimal, loopy instrumentation, focusing on echoing soundscapes and flute melodies.