Song Reviews

Cats On Fire: A Few Empty Waves

Finland’s Cats On Fire returns with a new LP called All Blackshirts To Me on Matinee Records. Within you’ll find the dreamy indie-pop tune “A Few Empty Waves”. With Smiths-esque vocals, hints of a jangle rhythm guitar, and an occasional space-y post-rock one. With its instantly memorable vocal chorus and the employment of vibraphone, this… Continue reading Cats On Fire: A Few Empty Waves

Song Reviews

Regina: Unessa MP3

Friendly Fire Recordings has always been good about seeking out and introducing the states (i.e. the U.S.) to great foreign artists. Their latest introduction is that of Finnish electro-pop band Regina. We discovered the band a number of years ago — they’ve been around for quite a while — thanks to a handful of releases… Continue reading Regina: Unessa MP3


The Dø: At Last [Video]

The Dø are a French meets Finnish duo who released their debut LP, A Mouthful on Six Degrees Records earlier this month, which prompted the infamous Pitchfork to state the album “is as ambitious and fun as any coming-out party in recent memory.” After giving it a listen, I can attest that it is pretty… Continue reading The Dø: At Last [Video]

Album Reviews

Pooma: Persuader [Album Review]

Pooma, from Finland’s Helsinki, may have formed in 2000, but they are only now breaking beyond the Finnish borders to give the world a taste of their melancholy Scandinavian shoegaze. Persuader begins with “If May Starts Tomorrow”, introducing us to the atmospheric drones that give Pooma the shoegaze label. This is pretty much what one… Continue reading Pooma: Persuader [Album Review]