Book Review: Little Wonder by Kat Gardiner

Gardiner’s style of writing is sometimes witty, filled with a wondrous humor, a lonely sadness, a fond goodbye. Creative and astute, unabashed at the blatantness of failure, of broken dreams, at one moment there’s an inside joke about an oddball frequent customer (Anacortes is filled with them) followed by a painful memory of crying in desperation in an empty, vacant shop.

Song Reviews

The Everywheres: Someone Disappeared

The Everywheres is right up my alley: punchy psych-influenced garage pop adorned with fuzzy vocals, jangle guitar and tambourine. The Everywheres’ self-titled LP is out later this month on Father/Daughter Records. “Someone Disappeared” is the lead single from the band, who’s catchy hooks delightfully infect every aspect of the song.