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Eula: Language Of Threat [Album Review]

Art. Angst. Awesome. Three words starting with “A” that one can easily attribute to Eula (MySpace), a band so filled with elements of pop and punk and blaring rock that it’s amazing any of them still have eardrums left to help keep them in tune. Language Of Threat, their latest EP, is filled with the… Continue reading Eula: Language Of Threat [Album Review]


Eula [Feature Band]

Combining the quirky, awkward-but-sexy nature of CSS with a more defined loud-vs-soft side, Eula (MySpace) is a fun new wave group from New Haven. Their music is packed with the loud, pointed guitar riffs and rapid basslines that would make Northwest pseudo punk proud; think a blown out of proportion and hyped-up Kill Rock Stars… Continue reading Eula [Feature Band]