Album Reviews

Citified: Absense [Album Review]

Piece together a post-shoegaze era dreaminess with the calm of melody-driven pleasantries and the result is the seemingly soft Absense by Citified. The group’s new EP divides the standard loud-versus-soft for a fairly consistent volume level that is so soothing and tranquil, it’s almost easy to overlook the ringing noise that would, in effect, be… Continue reading Citified: Absense [Album Review]

Song Reviews

The Good Graces: Working Title [Track Review]

Your typical indie pop band features infectious vocal melodies and upbeat instrumentation, the combination of which is undeniably catchy hooks. “Working Title” by The Good Graces fits these pop sensibilities to a ‘T’ but the vocal styling gives the song a unique twist. It’s all in the pronunciation of the words; it gives “Working Title”… Continue reading The Good Graces: Working Title [Track Review]


North Elementary: Golden Tigers [Video]

North Elementary’s John Harrison has used his bands soft core and playful folk track “Golden Tigers” to illuminate the city of Durham, North Carolina. This a type of video that should be made more often. With images of establishments with strange titles like Food For Supreme Life and Fo Sho Philly Style Clothing, Durham’s blend… Continue reading North Elementary: Golden Tigers [Video]