Awesome Color: Viva Radio’s Me + You Pt. 73

Now, I’ve never been to Detroit, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t heard things. Things like the astounding number of vacant homes, and how the bears are beginning roam freely within city limits. With the abandonment from the auto industry, it seems like there would be plenty of time to sit around and drink beer.… Continue reading Awesome Color: Viva Radio’s Me + You Pt. 73


Hush Arbors: Coming Home [Video]

Dueling photography is what you get with Hush Arbors‘ video for “Coming Home” off their recent Ecstatic Peace LP, Yankee Reality. First there’s the beautiful landscapes of mountains and hills and lakes from across the country (and possibly world). Then, the second photographic element is stop motion photography of the band fooling around in front… Continue reading Hush Arbors: Coming Home [Video]