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Fense’s Radio Show: August 24, 2012

Visiting the parents is often a stressful time. Despite their incessantly busy schedules, they have actually learned to relax in retirement despite their hectic lifestyle. I visited them two weekends ago now. Hence the absence of an August 17 radio show recap; there was none. Instead, I participated in my brother’s wedding.


FensePost Podcast Series: FenseCast #2, Cooking With Fense

Tonight I hit the kitchen to compile the second FensePost podcast, or FenseCast, while cooking up one of my signature dishes: spicy steak enchiladas with homemade sauce. For desert, a delicious slice of gluten free cake courtesy Andi (the girlfriend), whose cake photo you can see in this post. Unlike the first podcast, this one… Continue reading FensePost Podcast Series: FenseCast #2, Cooking With Fense

Song Reviews

Dinosaur Feathers: Vendela Vida [mp3]

Last year, Dinosaur Feathers impressed me with their superior experimental style. Somewhere between electronic and pop, the band mixed styles familiar to bands like Animal Collective and Yeasayer, thanks to clever somewhat barbershop-quartet-like harmonies and tribal beats. They’re back this month with Fantasy Memorial, their debut LP and follow-up to Early Morning Risers EP. “Vendela… Continue reading Dinosaur Feathers: Vendela Vida [mp3]

Lists And Mixes

FensePost Top 20: Best EPs of 2009

Not surprisingly, this list is filled with EPs by quite a few bands you know and quite a few you probably don’t. Of the ones you don’t know, many are likely from Washington; a quick count leaves me with five bands, or 1/4 of this list. Many of these bands I consider among the most… Continue reading FensePost Top 20: Best EPs of 2009

Album Reviews

Dinosaur Feathers: Early Morning Risers [Album Review]

Imagine a barbershop quartet fronted by a more introspective Rivers Cuomo in his early days. Now back it with folk-pop guitar and give everyone in the audience some unique nonsensical item to beat upon. Send the entire troupe back to the stone ages for a few decades, and bring them back a little less sane,… Continue reading Dinosaur Feathers: Early Morning Risers [Album Review]