Fishboy: IMAVOLCANO (Video Premiere)

As I write this, I’m hungry. And I’m watching a brand new video by Fishboy for “IMAVOLCANO” that features pizza. I’m about to head up to Bellingham with my new wife and go to Rudy’s, which has an awesome half-price deal on Wednesdays. We’ll be stocking up with leftovers. For now, I’ll watch this awesome… Continue reading Fishboy: IMAVOLCANO (Video Premiere)

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Fishboy Drops New Video, Plays Seattle

Fishboy returns after giving us Classic Creeps with a new video from “Aspen2k” off the album and a tour, which includes a number of performances around the Seattle area. “Aspen2k” is one of the more upbeat tracks off Classic Creeps and it features Fishboy main man Eric Michener, a look-a-like hand puppet, and some fun… Continue reading Fishboy Drops New Video, Plays Seattle

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Bad Sports: Teenage Girls (MP3)

Rock music should be fun, so why is so much of it not? Bad Sports know this and they’re out to teach bad bands a lesson. “Teenage Girls” rubs it in those bands’ faces a bit, and Bad Sports know this. It may, in fact, be a reason they selected this particular moniker. Their style… Continue reading Bad Sports: Teenage Girls (MP3)


Fishboy: Alyson Revere [Video]

Oh Fishboy, you never fail to amuse. We interviewed Fishboy’s Eric Michener a few months back about his new LP, Classic Creeps, which finally came out this week. Yeah, we’ve been rocking to it since January and can contest to its total awesomeness. Well, in celebration of the release, Michener, aka Fishboy, put together a… Continue reading Fishboy: Alyson Revere [Video]


An Interview with Eric Michener of Fishboy

The paths of Erich Michener (the man behind Fishboy) and myself (Andrew Fenstermaker) crossed in October of 2007 at a little dive somewhere on the south end of Manhattan. It was the annual College Music Journal festival and HHBTM was having an event. They crossed again sometime later in Seattle, a visit that, oddly enough,… Continue reading An Interview with Eric Michener of Fishboy


Fergus & Geronimo: Where The Walls Are Made Of Grass [Video]

In the first few moments of Fergus & Geronimo‘s “Where The Walls Are Made Of Grass”, we’re treated to a jazzy percussion and a cool, laid back upright bass line. This is the basis for the music Fergus & Geronimo create, blending genres in a most unique way. Rounding out the sound are odd vocal… Continue reading Fergus & Geronimo: Where The Walls Are Made Of Grass [Video]

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Doug Burr: O Ye Devastator [Album Review]

His voice is soft. His soul seems calm. He is Doug Burr, one the latest artists to develop the prominent theory of using naturalism and a far from tyrannical use of expressions to create vibrant yet subtle songs that make you feel….well, they just make you feel. His third release, O Ye Devastator, proves to… Continue reading Doug Burr: O Ye Devastator [Album Review]

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Sleep Whale: Cotton Curls [mp3]

Experimental electronic folk never sounded so dreamy. “Cotton Curls” by Sleep Whale has soft, pleasant melodies supported by a heavy percussive tromp. Fronted by mysterious, psychedelic, cooing vocals, the song splits reality with the dream-life. It’s like an Animal Collective track without all the bells and whistles; just peaceful and colorful. It’s evocative of a… Continue reading Sleep Whale: Cotton Curls [mp3]