Treefight For Sunlight: Time Stretcher (Video)

Treefight For Sunlight is a band out of Denmark whose pop sensibilities fit what we’ve heard from that country in the past few years by artists like Mew, The Figurines and Oh No Ono. But like these bands, the sound Treefight For Sunlight creates has its own mold. It’s epic, it’s huge, and it’s original.… Continue reading Treefight For Sunlight: Time Stretcher (Video)


Figurines: Hanging From Above [Video]

To be honest, I haven’t spent much time with Figurines’ previous work. Though I’ve been told a few times I would really enjoy it. So when I saw a note in my inbox that they’ve got a new one on the way and that this here video had been released, I figured it was time… Continue reading Figurines: Hanging From Above [Video]


Sleep Party People: 10 Feet Up [Video]

I think my exact words upon hearing this song and starting this video, as posted to my personal Facebook page, were “OMG. OBSESSION. SRLSLY.” Although, being a few beers deep in a local pub, I misspelled “seriously.” Sleep Party People‘s XSESSIONS video for the song “10 Feet Up” finds the band creating wildly psychedelic noises… Continue reading Sleep Party People: 10 Feet Up [Video]


The Migrant [Feature]

Last month… actually, two months ago now that it’s officially November, Danish artist Bjarke Bendtsen released his debut album under the guise of The Migrant. That work is titled Travels In Lowland and it is a wonderful mix of pop and psychedelic folk. Bendtsen’s life seems a dream; he spent the past year traveling through… Continue reading The Migrant [Feature]


Cleemann: Ambitious (Spejderrobot Remix) [mp3 review]

When Cleemann, a Danish folk experimentalist of immense and uncontested talent, released last year’s 45 Minutes Mostly About Caring, everyone who heard it instantly fell in love with the highlight cut “Ambitious”. It was a track that everyone could relate to, feel for, and become entranced in its mesmerizing and simple complicity. And over a… Continue reading Cleemann: Ambitious (Spejderrobot Remix) [mp3 review]

Album Reviews

Cleemann: 45 Minutes Mostly About Caring [Album Review]

The great land of Copenhagen has a real DIY prodigy under its city lights. Gunnar Cleemann is one of the most well rounded musicians you will ever come across. He writes, plays, directs, breathes music. His lyrics are philosophical, but simple enough to refrain from being too pretentious (suck on that Oberst!) And we can’t… Continue reading Cleemann: 45 Minutes Mostly About Caring [Album Review]