Lists And Mixes

COVID-19: A Pandemic Playlist

It’s spreading–this craze to create a Pandemic Playlist. And I caught it. As we all–or, at least the smarter of us non-essentials–self-isolate at home, it’s given many of us time to tackle assorted projects, renew our personal goals, reconnect with folks we lost track of in the obsessive quest for the almighty dollar, and, finally,… Continue reading COVID-19: A Pandemic Playlist

On the Radio

Fense’s Radio Show: October 5, 2012

With as much psychedelic pop and rock that I’ve been listening to lately, it only made sense to put together a full show featuring the sub-genres. Of course, I also threw in some beloved garage rock to keep things sane. For the first time in ages, I took the KSVR and KSVU airwaves and played… Continue reading Fense’s Radio Show: October 5, 2012

Album Reviews

Dark Meat: Truce Opium [Album Review]

Universal Indians was an album that bathed in obscurity. After all, opening track “Freedom Ritual” was a blissful track in which Dark Meat flirted with psychedelic trips and prog afterthoughts. It opened with a near two minute a capella before the epic guitars suddenly burst forth to rip off your face. It also had its… Continue reading Dark Meat: Truce Opium [Album Review]


Dark Meat: Dead Man [Video]

Written by Fense Do you ever see an album in the record store that sparks your curiosity each time you pass it by? It nags you and gets underneath your skin—you want to check it out, but you’re wary about dropping $20 on an LP that might or might not be good. It’s simply not… Continue reading Dark Meat: Dead Man [Video]