Song Reviews

Crushed Stars: Black Umbrella [mp3]

Convalescing In Braille is the latest by Todd Gautreau, who often goes by the moniker Crushed Stars. Oft descriptive words associated with Gautreau and his Crushed Stars may relate to the night hours, overcast days, or infinite soundscapes. These words fit — there’s something oddly spacial about the dreamy pop of Crushed Stars, and that’s… Continue reading Crushed Stars: Black Umbrella [mp3]

Album Reviews

Crushed Stars: Self-Navigation [Album Review]

OK, so this album originally came out in 2001, making this a reissue. The official name extends beyond Self-Navigation to include a hidden (Remastered/Expanded). Crushed Stars frontman Tod Gautreau even re-recorded some of the vocals – reasoning that the first time around the group had only time for a few takes. Thus, what’s heard now… Continue reading Crushed Stars: Self-Navigation [Album Review]