Indians: I Am Haunted (Video)

Last year, we saw a slew of videos that featured band members being killed in one gruesome fashion or another. Looks like we’re kicking of 2013 in a similar manner; “I Am Haunted” finds Indians front-man Søren Løkke Juul being tormented and tortured by a woman whose face remains, for the most part, hidden from… Continue reading Indians: I Am Haunted (Video)

Song Reviews

Efterklang: Modern Drift [mp3 + Twitter Giveaway]

“Modern Drift” is a lot moodier than a lot of what you’ll hear on earlier Efterklang, but the orchestral and pop sensibilities found on those earlier releases, Parades and Tripper, remain steadfast. Efterklang is still very much in the business of creating some of the best experimental pop around. A consistent piano backing sets the… Continue reading Efterklang: Modern Drift [mp3 + Twitter Giveaway]

Album Reviews

Cleemann: 45 Minutes Mostly About Caring [Album Review]

The great land of Copenhagen has a real DIY prodigy under its city lights. Gunnar Cleemann is one of the most well rounded musicians you will ever come across. He writes, plays, directs, breathes music. His lyrics are philosophical, but simple enough to refrain from being too pretentious (suck on that Oberst!) And we can’t… Continue reading Cleemann: 45 Minutes Mostly About Caring [Album Review]


The Good The Bad: 001 (The Bad) [Video]

Everyone should enjoy a nice surf sound. It’s rigid, blaring, and insanely bad-ass. And The Good The Bad are definitely leaders of the new school surf agenda. A great part about watching a band like this is the shock and amazement of how much cooler they are than you. It’s like watching The Big Lewbowski… Continue reading The Good The Bad: 001 (The Bad) [Video]