Album Reviews

Collider: Strobos EP [Album Review]

Fresh off the buzz of their last EP, BBM, Collider has once again come out swinging with their own brand of 90’s influenced fuzz pop. Strobos EP is their third release to date, and is quite frankly a subtle, yet very well organized jump forward in their progression as artists. In the true spirit of… Continue reading Collider: Strobos EP [Album Review]

Album Reviews

Collider: BBM EP [Album Review]

Collider is a band that just plain rocks. And it’s worthy to say that 16 years ago they would have been considered “buzz worthy”. With their latest EP, BBM, these guys blend modern indie rock with 90’s low key yet sultry alternative that is reminiscent of groups like Primitive Radio Gods and Everything But The… Continue reading Collider: BBM EP [Album Review]

Song Reviews

Collider: Time Concerns [mp3]

“Time Concerns” is filled with echoing guitars that swirl and ring through the atmosphere while dreamy vocals create an aura-like melody. Not quite pop, not quite rock, but some concoction containing incremental elements of both, Collider‘s first single off their upcoming Big Bang Machine (slated for release the last day of 2009) is, on one… Continue reading Collider: Time Concerns [mp3]