Gap Dream: Shine Your Light (Video)

This month, Gap Dream will release their sophomore LP, Shine Your Light. In preparation for the release, the band has given us a new video for the opening and title track “Shine Your Light”. It features John Ennis (Mr. Show) trying to find is friend/partner who may have been abducted by aliens. The X-Files-like sci-fi… Continue reading Gap Dream: Shine Your Light (Video)

Song Reviews

Gap Dream: Generator MP3

Unlike most albums, there is greatness behind every single track on Gap Dream by Gap Dream. My listening habits have commenced as such: obsessive listens to “58th Street Fingers” and “Slave” followed by the same with “Go Ahead”. Now dominating my playlist are “My Other Man” and “Leather”. And this in just a few short… Continue reading Gap Dream: Generator MP3


Gap Dream: Feature

Gap Dream is the project of Cleveland resident Gabriel Fulvimar. Fulvimar’s self-titled album under the Gap Dream name appears to be heavily influenced by Nuggets-era 60s psych rock. The band has been labeled as everything from garage rock (which is a tab I would attribute to them, but only slightly) to surf-rock (not quite hearing… Continue reading Gap Dream: Feature

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Bears: Greater Lakes

Bears are a delectable pop band out of Cleveland, Ohio that blend indie pop sounds with psychedelic instrumentation and the clash between sleepy and mopey vocals. If there’s anything I like, it’s rainy-day pop music, and that’s precisely what this is. Greater Lakes is the band’s new LP — their third at that — and… Continue reading Bears: Greater Lakes