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5 Quirky Halloween Songs That Are Great All Year ‘Round

My first quirky songs post was hugely popular. As it’s been a few years since I posted the original, I figured it was time for a redux. In this edition, I set my sights on Halloween to pull together a small handful of fun, quirky and demented tracks that fit the spookiest day of the… Continue reading 5 Quirky Halloween Songs That Are Great All Year ‘Round


Chad VanGaalen: Peace On The Rise [Video]

Diaper Island, Chad VanGaalen‘s awesomely titled new LP, dropped yesterday, and to celebrate the milestone he created a video. Mind you, videos from Chad are typically far from the norm, featuring original cartoonish art that’s a bit demented in a way. This is, like the oddities in his music, a very, very good thing.

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Chad VanGaalen: Sara [mp3]

I really fell in love with the weirdness behind Chad VanGaalen‘s last album, Soft Airplane. Many songs had strange electronic bleeps and bloops that just stuck with you, and if they didn’t they featured VanGaalen’s vocals with his rapid vibrato. “Sara” is not like that. Not entirely, at least. Sure, it may have VanGaalen’s signature… Continue reading Chad VanGaalen: Sara [mp3]

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25 Great Bands, 30 Great Music Videos

Creating a music video, in my opinion, should be about creating art. There are so many intricate elements that should go into a video that are so often left forgotten or, at least, unattended. First and foremost is the song itself — a video must compliment the art to which it is expanding from audio… Continue reading 25 Great Bands, 30 Great Music Videos

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A Retrospective Top 33 and 1/3: Best Albums of 2008

When I compiled my original Best Of 2008 list last December, it was a snow day. The sky dropped about a foot, maybe a foot and a half of fluffy white stuff and we lowly sub-compact drivers could go nowhere. Between ranking albums and locating album art, I took a stroll around town with my… Continue reading A Retrospective Top 33 and 1/3: Best Albums of 2008


Chad VanGaalen: Molten Light [Video]

Written by Fense The animation in the video for “Molten Light” by Chad VanGaalen reminds me a lot of the animation signature of the late 80s and early 90s. You know the kind — gross for the sake of being gross; a sort of, well, faux art. There were plenty of bands from that era… Continue reading Chad VanGaalen: Molten Light [Video]

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Chad VanGaalen: Soft Airplane [Album Review]

Written by Fense For some inane reason, listening to Soft Airplane by Chad VanGaalen reminds me of Michel Gondry’s follow up to one of my all-time favorite movies, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. The movie in question is La Science des Rêves, better known here in the states as The Science of Sleep.