On the Radio

Fense’s Radio Show: February 3, 2012

After a week away, it was nice to be back in the studio. This week I played several folk-related tunes, a few garage-based ones, and a small handful of indie pop tracks. With the amount of indie-folk I’ve played of late, I’m thinking we’re in store for another dreamy mix and maybe even a garage… Continue reading Fense’s Radio Show: February 3, 2012

Album Reviews

Capybara: Try Brother [Album Review]

Like any genre, folk has artists that are true to the origins of its particular style of music. And, like any genre, it has artists that push the boundaries. Capybara is of the latter classification. Try Brother sees the group expanding into new arenas, mashing pop and freak-folk, and sure, let’s throw in a splash… Continue reading Capybara: Try Brother [Album Review]