Album Reviews

The Rebel Set: How To Make A Monster

How To Make A Monster by The Rebel Set came out just about a month ago on Burger Records. I picked up a copy of the cassette and it has accompanied me on my 60 mile round-trip commute ever since. Drenched in a garage-y reverb with a subtle distortion in the vocal track, Phoenix band’s… Continue reading The Rebel Set: How To Make A Monster


Gap Dream: Shine Your Light (Video)

This month, Gap Dream will release their sophomore LP, Shine Your Light. In preparation for the release, the band has given us a new video for the opening and title track “Shine Your Light”. It features John Ennis (Mr. Show) trying to find is friend/partner who may have been abducted by aliens. The X-Files-like sci-fi… Continue reading Gap Dream: Shine Your Light (Video)


Burger Records Announces “The Wiener Dog Comp 2: The Ghoulie Tape”

Last year, Burger Records released the first volume of The Wiener Dog Compilation. Yesterday, Burger announced the second volume, which again benefits William Keihn’s dachshund pop Ghoulie. And, like the previous comp, this one includes a slew of unreleased material by Burger-friendly artists.


The Sufis: No Expression (Video)

It’s been about one year since The Sufis gave us their stellar self-titled debut LP. That album featured hyper-psychedelic pop laden with tambourine, harmony vocals, and an array of non-traditional instruments even for psych-pop: harpsichord, woodwinds, and other stringed instruments. The Sufis’ new LP, Inventions, arrives today via Ample Play and Burger Records. To promote… Continue reading The Sufis: No Expression (Video)


Gap Dream: Chill Spot (Video)

Hazy psychedelic pop and hip hop do not go well together. Yet with his new single, Gap Dream’s Gabe Fulvimar pulls off the mash-up effortlessly. Never have two so mismatched genres worked this well together. “Chill Spot” is the new song’s name, and it can be found as the A-side on Gap Dream’s new 7-inch… Continue reading Gap Dream: Chill Spot (Video)


Jib Kidder: New Crimes (Video)

Alright, latest obsession: Jib Kidder. It’s a no-brainer, hearing that the band’s new release will be split between Burger Records and Gnar Tapes and Shit was no surprise. Jib Kidder fits right in on both accounts. Par the course, Jib Kidder’s video for “New Crimes”, the lead single off new LP IV, is a mish-mash… Continue reading Jib Kidder: New Crimes (Video)

Song Reviews

Peach Kelli Pop: Dreamphone

I just placed a little order from Burger Records including a limited pressing (150 total) of Gap Dream’s self-titled LP on clear vinyl and Lace Curtain’s The Garden of Joy & The Well of Loneliness. Peach Kelli Pop is the latest band to gen the Burger nod and her new album will drop next month… Continue reading Peach Kelli Pop: Dreamphone

Song Reviews

Fatal Jamz: Another Crystal Morning

With a name like Fatal Jamz, you’re probably expecting some loud, rambunctious rock music. However, this is not entirely the case. Fatal Jamz is most certainly a loud, rambunctious rock band, but it’s also much more. On “Another Crystal Morning”, the band has pop sensibilities and they employ bold, glam-ridden synth lines. It all adds… Continue reading Fatal Jamz: Another Crystal Morning


Magic Jake and the Power Crystals: Feature

If you light yourself on fire, you’re damn sure not going to sit around and relax. You’ll roll around on the ground instead, or maybe you’ll just round around in circles like a complete idiot. The need to get off your lazy ass will be unbearable. Listening to Magic Jake and the Power Crystals, in… Continue reading Magic Jake and the Power Crystals: Feature