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Bunkbed: Substance Abuse 7 Inch Single

This isn’t a single to blast loudly. This isn’t a song for the outdoors. It’s one to play on an overcast fall day, much like today. In a place like here, a small town in NW Washington where the wind blows heavy and rain streams down icy and cold. It’s solitary, isolated. Alone.

Cover Art

Xiu Xiu Vs. Bunkbed [Cover Art]

Long a favorite, this split single wasn’t released until after Bunkbed‘s Keith Krate had passed away. The 7-inch features two songs, one which finds Xiu Xiu covering Bunkbed, and vice versa. “Fallen Angel II” by Bunkbed “Fallen Angel II” is a Xiu Xiu original re-crafted by Bunkbed; it is one of the most moving and… Continue reading Xiu Xiu Vs. Bunkbed [Cover Art]

Album Reviews

Xiu Xiu Vs Bunkbed [7″ Review]

Xiu Xiu‘s Jamie Stewart has done a few 7-inch splits where he covers the other artist and vice versa. There’s one with Devendra Banhart and another where Xiu Xiu and Paper Chase do covers of Nick Cave. Here, Xiu Xiu covers “Fake Soul” by Bunkbed. On the other side, Bunkbed covers “Fallen Angel II” by… Continue reading Xiu Xiu Vs Bunkbed [7″ Review]