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Fense’s Radio Show: It’s An Indie Christmas

Each year I shun Christmas music like it’s the plague. It begins too early, is far too repetitive, and, quite frankly, is a bit boring. That is, until this year. It began with “The Week Between”, a new track off One Christmas at a Time, an LP that finds Jonathan Coulton and John Roderick (The… Continue reading Fense’s Radio Show: It’s An Indie Christmas

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Fense’s Radio Show: February 3, 2012

After a week away, it was nice to be back in the studio. This week I played several folk-related tunes, a few garage-based ones, and a small handful of indie pop tracks. With the amount of indie-folk I’ve played of late, I’m thinking we’re in store for another dreamy mix and maybe even a garage… Continue reading Fense’s Radio Show: February 3, 2012

Album Reviews

Bears: Greater Lakes

Bears are a delectable pop band out of Cleveland, Ohio that blend indie pop sounds with psychedelic instrumentation and the clash between sleepy and mopey vocals. If there’s anything I like, it’s rainy-day pop music, and that’s precisely what this is. Greater Lakes is the band’s new LP — their third at that — and… Continue reading Bears: Greater Lakes

On the Radio

Fense’s Radio Show: November 18, 2011

This show began like any other, but without the transition difficulties. All was smooth. The music, on the other hand, was not. After a long, satisfying week, I was in need of some loud, abrasive rock music. But it wasn’t all like that. Due to the cold weather, I mixed in some beach pop, fuzzy… Continue reading Fense’s Radio Show: November 18, 2011

Song Reviews

Bears: I’m A Snowman [mp3]

Is it just me or is there an overabundance of indie Christmas tunes being released this year? As in, substantial quantities more than usual. Maybe I’m just paying attention this time ’round. Anyway, one of the better ones I’ve heard as we approach the holiday season is “I’m A Snowman” by Ohio’s best pop group… Continue reading Bears: I’m A Snowman [mp3]

Album Reviews

Bears: Bears [Album Review]

How many bands these days have a xylophone? Very few. It’s just one of the many things that make Bears (MySpace) special. On their self-titled debut, the Cleveland, Ohio pop group mixes its pop sensibilities with light psychedelia on par with early Of Montreal and Elephant 6 style-recordings. Lumped into that somewhat classic era in… Continue reading Bears: Bears [Album Review]