Song Reviews

Woom: Quetzalcoatl’s Ship [mp3]

The thing I love about Ba Da Bing is that you never really know what you’re going to get, but you can always trust the fact that it will be 1) almost entirely unique, and 2) extremely good. Enter one of the label’s latest bands, Woom. They fit the facts, producing minimalist experimental folk pop… Continue reading Woom: Quetzalcoatl’s Ship [mp3]


Damon And Naomi [Show Preview]

Damon And Naomi are headed to Seattle next Tuesday, and here are a few reasons you should go. First, of course, is their history. The duo was part of the epic band Galaxie 500. Second, their songs are filled with a mystical and orchestrated folk beauty. Just listen to the lovely “Cruel Queen” and the… Continue reading Damon And Naomi [Show Preview]

Song Reviews

Colossal Yes: The Fraudulent Singer [Track Review]

“The Fraudulent Singer” opens the recent Colossal Yes LP Charlemagne’s Big Thaw and it begins with a monumental scream. Folk-y piano and a pop-filled fuzzy guitar enter, all fronted by folk-pop vocals. The song is ripe with hooks: be them the catchy piano tinkering, the wild guitar riffs, or the old-time country-ish vocals.


Hungry, Hungry Ghost: Complimentary Maps [Video Review]

Here’s a fun little video for “Complimentary Maps” by Hungry, Hungry Ghost (MySpace). The concept is simple enough and it’s quite effective in creating a unique little storyline. The three shots, all done in single takes, portray very refined choreography, much along the lines of something OK Go would do.