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Household Names: Stories, No Names [Album Review]

Household Names is an almost too-perfect descriptor for an alternative pop group. And with this group’s extensive background of songs used in television appearances, it is even more appropriate. There was a time when groups like Soul Asylum or Gin Blossoms were the centerpieces for any given film or TV show. And now, Jason Garcia… Continue reading Household Names: Stories, No Names [Album Review]


Recommended Show: Daniel Francis Doyle at Comet Tavern

Daniel Francis Doyle hits Seattle later this week and will perform at Comet Tavern. Doyle is a one man math rock band and he pumps out pointed guitar riffs, obscure percussive genius, and wildly intellectual wordsmith-ery. No doubt you’ll see several off last year’s We Bet Our Money On You, possibly including favorites “Cursive” and… Continue reading Recommended Show: Daniel Francis Doyle at Comet Tavern


Royal Forest [Feature]

Sometimes a band needs a shake-up, and sometimes a name change is the perfect catalyst. Royal Forest wasn’t always this band’s name; no, they were once called Loxsly. With the new name, Royal Forest sheds the past and reinvents themselves with a slightly updated sound that hints of a little math-rock and a curious Texas-inspired… Continue reading Royal Forest [Feature]


Harlem [Feature]

Meet Harlem, your new favorite garage/thrash band. Based in Austin, by way of Nashville, they recently released their sophomore album, titled Hippies. Hippies is packed with the jangle of rough guitar pop and carefree vocals packed with occasionally indecipherable lyrics. These traits are often synonymous with garage pop. It is harmonious with a hint of… Continue reading Harlem [Feature]


The Lovely Sparrows: Take Care [Video]

Originally recorded in 1974 by Big Star, Alex Chilton’s “Take Care” wasn’t released until 1978 on their Third/Sister Lovers LP. In 2003, Yo La Tengo included a rendition of track on their album Summer Sun. Then, in 2009, The Lovely Sparrows laid down their version of Yo La Tengo’s version while recording demos for their… Continue reading The Lovely Sparrows: Take Care [Video]

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Neon Indian: Psychic Chasms [Album Review]

Prior to the release of debut LP Psychic Chasms, Austin’s Neon Indian had already begun to garner a substantial quantity of hype from tastemakers across the globe. In first visiting Psychic Chasms, one is struck with the term ambiguous. Sure, the album and the band hint at a wider experimental electro-folk, folktronica, or whatever subgenre… Continue reading Neon Indian: Psychic Chasms [Album Review]

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Built By Snow: Mega [Album Review]

Built By Snow is certainly a strange name for a band that backs instrumentals with bits and sounds that make reference to old Super Mario or Dig Dug bites (your mother would have killed if you got snow near the game system). But, Mega would have to be a perfect title then – since Mega… Continue reading Built By Snow: Mega [Album Review]

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Belaire: Belaire EP [Album Review]

Belaire’s self-titled CD-R EP is in an artsy home-decorated jewel case with a Jackson Pollock-style drip and splatter paint job. Belaire‘s hometown is Austin and it is no wonder, then, that their music is optimistic, has a carefree bounce, and is catchy and lovable and creative. Currently the group is in the midst of a… Continue reading Belaire: Belaire EP [Album Review]