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Jookabox: Dead Zone Boys [Album Review]

I used to think Dirty Projectors were bombastic. I used to think Parenthetical Girls were epic. I used to think Battlehooch were chaotic. I used to think these things, but it turned out I just hadn’t heard Jookabox yet. These guys really Man (Man) up. And those Anticon-esque moments are just-plain confusing. I’m really just… Continue reading Jookabox: Dead Zone Boys [Album Review]


Royal City [Feature Band]

I must say, I’m quite obsessed with a few select songs off Royal City‘s latest release, 1999-2004. Those tracks are 1) “Here Comes Success”, thanks to its eclectic guitar breakdown toward the end of the tune, and 2) “Bad Luck” due to a clever lead guitar riff. 1999-2004 is an album of rarities and b-sides… Continue reading Royal City [Feature Band]