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Adios Amigo: Dos (Album Review)

Dos is a luscious pop-rock album with highly infectious hooks and a surprising volume given the often laid-back style of vocals and guitar riffs. In five songs, Adios Amigo keeps things diversified, with the subtle “Chicken” and the monumental “Pretty Pretty Princess”, yet it’s all very cohesive with the band’s signature vocal style.

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Fense’s Radio Show: May 25, 2012

Last weekend I did something a bit taboo. No, nothing that bad. What I did was this: I took my email inbox, and I cleared it. I archived everything — over 15,000 unread messages. It had just gotten a bit too out of control. Then, this week, I checked ALL my emails, filtered out what… Continue reading Fense’s Radio Show: May 25, 2012