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September Girls’ Debut LP ‘Cursing the Sea’ is Out Now on Fortuna Pop!

Oh September Girls. These days, your heavily distorted female dominated pop group is somewhat run-of-the-mill. That sound blew up in the indie masses with Vivan Girls, and it continued with spinoffs Frankie Rose, Best Coast and La Sera. Hell, you even hear a bit of that sound in WOODS-related band The Babies.


Virgin Of The Birds: Interview

For those unaware, Virgin Of The Birds is the brainchild of Seattle musician and Abandoned Love Records label head Jon Rooney. Virgin Of The Birds has a new album on the way late this month called Winter Seeds. I recently sat down with Rooney, with whom I’ve been acquainted since my discovery of The Lovely… Continue reading Virgin Of The Birds: Interview


Belgian Fog: Loveless Way (Premiere)

KEXP’s Robert Dale is back with a new track called “Loveless Way” from his solo project Belgian Fog. Like his previous singles “Wait For Help” and “You Drive Me to Madness”, “Loveless Way” is an electro-fused pop song with plenty of glorious beats, a few nods to synth-based genres of past, and a deeply introspective… Continue reading Belgian Fog: Loveless Way (Premiere)

Album Reviews

The Rebel Set: How To Make A Monster

How To Make A Monster by The Rebel Set came out just about a month ago on Burger Records. I picked up a copy of the cassette and it has accompanied me on my 60 mile round-trip commute ever since. Drenched in a garage-y reverb with a subtle distortion in the vocal track, Phoenix band’s… Continue reading The Rebel Set: How To Make A Monster

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Marshall Poole: The Misconception (2013)

When Marshall Poole released their first official EP, The Misconception, on November 26th, 2013, the bar for alternative-indie blues/rock bands in the Northwest area was raised forever. In their first track, “Crosstops,” vocalist and lead guitarist, Rider Soran, sets the stage for the entire record as he screams “Wanna get wild?” And as the first… Continue reading Marshall Poole: The Misconception (2013)

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Benjamin Verdoes: The Evil Eye

Tomorrow, Benjamin Verdoes releases The Evil Eye on Brick Lane Records. For Verdoes, a founding and continuing member of the Seattle-based internet sensation Mount St. Helens Vietnam Band (MSHVB) on Dead Oceans, it is his first venture into solo territory. I doubt I’m the first to say that Verdoes is just as powerful here as… Continue reading Benjamin Verdoes: The Evil Eye

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The Men: Pearly Gates

Tomorrow’s Hits, the forthcoming fourth album in as many years by The Men, is set for release on (no surprise) Sacred Bones Records. Earlier this week, the band debuted “Pearly Gates” from the album; holding a similar countrified punk-rock edge found throughout their 2013 release New Moon, The Men inject horns (one of two tracks… Continue reading The Men: Pearly Gates