Johnny Flynn: The Box [Video]

Written by Fense It seems like everyone is doing the animation thing these days and here is yet another, this time by British artist Johnny Flynn (MySpace). I received Flynn’s EP Hong Kong Cemetery in the mail recently and then saw his recent album, A Larum (out now on Lost Highway Records) at Sonic Boom.… Continue reading Johnny Flynn: The Box [Video]

Album Reviews

The Dirty Hearts: Pigs [Album Review]

Opening track “Record Store” could be the anthem of my life. Singer Frankie Medina continually repeats the phrase I’m in the record store / I’m in the record store. Sound like me? Yeah, I thought so. Repetition like this is customary on Pigs, the debut garage-y, punk-y rock album by The Dirty Hearts (MySpace).


Portishead: The Rip [Video]

Written by Fense I remember listening to Portishead in high school. “Glory Box” was a favorite, though at the time I did not know they mimicked the introduction from “Day Dream” by the late 60s, early 70s Belgian psych-pop group The Wallace Collection. Sampling from such artists was a common feature for Portishead and, while… Continue reading Portishead: The Rip [Video]

Live Reviews

The Shackeltons: Bumbershoot [Live, 08.31.2008]

In seeing The Shackeltons (MySpace) perform live, you are GUARANTEED one thing. (In that statement, GUARANTEED must be italicized and in all caps. That’s how sure one can be in making such a statement.) In seeing The Shackeltons perform, you will, no matter what the circumstance, be treated to one of the all-time greatest performances… Continue reading The Shackeltons: Bumbershoot [Live, 08.31.2008]

Lists And Mixes

Dell Dome Summer Rocks [MixTape]

Written by Fense If you are a large corporation targeting the youth of today, it appears there are two places you want your messaging to be front and center. The first: anything dealing with Miley Cirus or Jonas Brothers. That’ll get you a massive audience, there’s no denying it. But, if you’re targeting less of… Continue reading Dell Dome Summer Rocks [MixTape]

Live Reviews

Thao Nguyen: Bumbershoot [Live, 08.30.2008]

As Thao Nguyen (MySpace) took the Rockstar Stage at Bumbershoot, I had déjà vu. You see, one year ago, I attended Bumbershoot and witnessed St. Vincent play solo in this very spot. As I lined her up in my camera sights, I flashed back to the present. Thao’s music is quite different from that of… Continue reading Thao Nguyen: Bumbershoot [Live, 08.30.2008]

Album Reviews

Human Highway: Moody Motorcycle [Album Review]

Written by Fense For those devastated by the demise of The Unicorns in 2004, the sadness was short-lived and out of The Unicorns’ carcass burst Islands and, close to a year and a half later, Return To Sea graced independent radio stations and iPods throughout the nation. Now, ex-Unicorns and current Islands mastermind Nick Thorburn… Continue reading Human Highway: Moody Motorcycle [Album Review]


Ham1 [Feature Band]

My God… just how long have I had The Captain’s Table by Ham1 (MySpace) in my promo pile!? (That question warrants the exclamation point due to the excessive time it has spent there.) Let’s see, the album hit in November of 2007. You’ll likely need to subtract a few months due to the standard promo… Continue reading Ham1 [Feature Band]

Album Reviews

Tanya Tagaq: Auk~Blood [Album Review]

Written by bob_vinyl When I was 16, my parents took me on a trip out West. On that trip, we spent three days at the Grand Canyon. Oddly enough, it wasn’t the most striking thing I saw on that trip, not because it wasn’t amazing, but because it was just too much to take in… Continue reading Tanya Tagaq: Auk~Blood [Album Review]

Album Reviews

Bakers At Dawn: Bakers At Dawn [Album Review]

Folk-pop is the name of the game on the self titled debut of Bakers At Dawn. For the most part, the thirteen tracks contained within meet their mark; they’re melodic and pleasant—everything we know Swedish pop to encompass. Swedish pop is, at least in terms of its homogenous nature, kinda like 90s US alternative—it is… Continue reading Bakers At Dawn: Bakers At Dawn [Album Review]