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Fense’s Top Ten Music Videos of 2008

Written by Fense So I don’t really drink champagne, but I’ll enjoy me a thick stout or juicy lager any day. And dry red wine tends to go down a bit smoother than it should. So, as I pop open a bottle of Chilean Carménère, I am ready to compile my top ten music videos… Continue reading Fense’s Top Ten Music Videos of 2008

Album Reviews

matt pond PA: The Freeep

Written by Ron Trembath A truly lovable indie/ambient sound is hard to come by in a world of music filled with angst and worry. Thankfully there are melodically in-tune bands like matt pond PA. Few bands are so in touch with a rampant disregard for what may please the incumbents of a sadder existence. In… Continue reading matt pond PA: The Freeep

Album Reviews

Rogue Motel: Daylight Breaking [Album Review]

Written by Ron Trembath This eccentric five-some make music that combines so many elements or rock-n-roll, they create their own genre. And Daylight Breaking by Rogue Motel (MySpace) puts it all out on the table. Each song is full and has an individual tone that’s set over breathtaking melodies. For a band that only formed… Continue reading Rogue Motel: Daylight Breaking [Album Review]

Album Reviews

Hot Lava: Lavalogy [Album Review]

Written by Fense And here I thought quirky, lo-fi, synth-based garage bands were pretty much limited to Kill Rock Stars releases, but Hot Lava ( proved me wrong. Their little ditty that is Lavalogy may sound like it could be a KRS release, but it comes to us from the honored label Bar None. But… Continue reading Hot Lava: Lavalogy [Album Review]


Moscow Olympics: Second Trace [Video]

Written by Fense Pop fans of the world unite. Well, make that past tense — united. Pop fans of the world united for this video. Moscow Olympics is not from Russia, as the name might suggest. They’re from the Philippines. Their video for “Second Trace” was put together by a pop fan from Brazil. And… Continue reading Moscow Olympics: Second Trace [Video]

Album Reviews

Cleemann: 45 Minutes Mostly About Caring [Album pReview]

I’m calling it a pReview, as Cleemann‘s release of 45 Minutes Mostly About Caring is not slated for official release until February 2009 at the earliest — a promo release featuring the cover below (by Franz Jacobi) was sent out in a limited batch in 2007 and 2008. Word on the street is that Series… Continue reading Cleemann: 45 Minutes Mostly About Caring [Album pReview]


Nedelle [Feature Band]

God, love is a crazy thing. It makes you do crazy things, have crazy feelings, and be… well… crazy. Distance only enhances the longing. Like right now — I really, really miss my girlfriend. It’s the knowledge that she’s there, laying in my bed in my condo without me, lonely just like me. Yet I… Continue reading Nedelle [Feature Band]


Hari and Aino: Gold (Or Something Just As Nice) [Video]

Written by Fense Sometimes the best music videos don’t really have a point. Sometimes there’s no plot, no storyline. Sometimes they’re just a collection of clips taken while out on the road, slapped together in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing. That’s pretty much what you get with Hari and Aino‘s “Gold (Or Something Just As… Continue reading Hari and Aino: Gold (Or Something Just As Nice) [Video]


Roostymunyon [Feature Band]

Written by Fense I have something to say, and it’s not the alcohol speaking. This is me, bearing my heart, a little drunk on three glasses organic Syrah, but honest and pure and true. “Cease Desist” has to be one of the most under-appreciated songs around at this time. I mean, these guys should be… Continue reading Roostymunyon [Feature Band]