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Y La Bamba: Alida St. [Album Review]

Sweet baby Jesus in a bow tie this album is wonderful! Y La Bamba, a.k.a. Luz Elena, brings you nothing less than an exceptional playlist on her brilliant release, Alida St. Listening to this album is the equivalent of a bath tub filled with hot summer rain. As well as a collection of tracks sounding… Continue reading Y La Bamba: Alida St. [Album Review]


Sexy Kids [Feature Band]

Written by Fense Sexy Kids will likely bring a slew of undesirables to FensePost. After all, the term “Sexy Kids” can be taken in a very wrong direction. And the site did see a spike in the search term “Preteen” after we covered Oneida’s masterpiece Preteen Weaponry last year. But maybe these sickos will at… Continue reading Sexy Kids [Feature Band]

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Wintermitts: Heirloom [Album Review]

Written by Fense It’s the first thing in the morning. I snored a bit last night and thus the girlfriend kicked me out — or rather, I offered to get up and hit the coffee shop early — so she could get a final hour and a half of sleep without my interruption. So I’m… Continue reading Wintermitts: Heirloom [Album Review]


Efterklang: Cutting Ice To Snow [Video Feature]

Written by Fense We’ve seen a slew of bands like this lately and I believe it’s a good thing. Groups like Sufjan Stevens, Anathallo, Sigur Ros, and Efterklang (MySpace) are all highly orchestrated and emphasize melody and musical prowess. Where your standard band can easily be self-taught, groups like this generally have a bit of… Continue reading Efterklang: Cutting Ice To Snow [Video Feature]


Silence Is Sexy [Feature Band]

Written by Ron Trembath The Netherlands have a secret that is rapidly being exposed. Silence is Sexy is an electric and gravity-defying group specializing in harmonies and the owners of an arsenal of alternative instrumentals. On This Ain’t Hollywood, the guys portray exactly what it means to use powerful lyrics to dramatize pulse pounding in… Continue reading Silence Is Sexy [Feature Band]

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The Atlantic Manor: On The Wrong Side Of A Saturday Night [Album Review]

You might ask yourself: What does a snowy picture of a barn in the Pacific Northwest town of Edison have to do with a band called The Atlantic Manor? Feel free — it would be a viable question. Well, let me tell you. This is a pretty strange place for such a barn — one… Continue reading The Atlantic Manor: On The Wrong Side Of A Saturday Night [Album Review]

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The Zebras: New Ways Of Risking Our Lives [Album Review]

“A Day On Black Mountain Road” isn’t nearly as upbeat as some of The Zebras earlier work. At least, it doesn’t seem like it at first. It’s the chord progressions — they’re slightly darker. This is not necessarily a criticism rather than an objective side comment. It’s a small stray from the past that pops… Continue reading The Zebras: New Ways Of Risking Our Lives [Album Review]

Album Reviews

Scott Pinkmountain: The Full Sun [Album Review]

Listening to Scott Pinkmountain for the first time, one is likely to think he is just another standard indie artist. This, however, will fade into awe around halfway through opening tune “Song Of Solomon”. There’s nothing standard about Pinkmountain’s music. It’s unique. It’s original. It’s damn good. Just listen to the horn and woodwinds opening… Continue reading Scott Pinkmountain: The Full Sun [Album Review]