Maddy Wyatt [Feature Band]

Written by Ron Trembath As a grand scheme of change and hope is brought upon us today, and an intense feeling of revolution is impossible to resist. Our country’s 44th president has taken office, and we will be forever changed in the most positive of ways. And one songstress who really deserves to celebrate, is… Continue reading Maddy Wyatt [Feature Band]


The Sound Of Arrows: Magic [Video]

Written by Fense Today may be the inauguration, but the “magic” doesn’t start until January 28. That’s when The Sound Of Arrows (MySpace) will debut and release their new record, Magic, on Labrador Records. Below is a little video preview of the album, in true retro-Disney-ish style. For the full track, you can click the… Continue reading The Sound Of Arrows: Magic [Video]


Wild Light [Feature Band]

Written by Fense I cannot get “New Hampshire” by Wild Light out of my head. Now, this isn’t one of those pestering annoyances that has you doing everything in your power to replace it with something else. No, this is a good thing; the song is catchy and filled with emotive pop that’s easy to… Continue reading Wild Light [Feature Band]

Album Reviews

Teru’ah: Mad Kids In The Holy City [Album Review]

Written by Joshua Britton Sound the mighty, holy trumpets for Teru’ah as they return with Mad Kids in the Holy City, their follow-up to 2006’s Calvin Names the Mountain. Teru’ah is Mike Cades, residing in Brooklyn, and John Killeen, who lives in Asheville. Finally firmly planted in their respective cities, the stability has provided the… Continue reading Teru’ah: Mad Kids In The Holy City [Album Review]

Album Reviews

Le Mépris: Le Mépris [Album Review]

Contrary to what many much older than myself would believe, the best instrumental music is typically reserved not for the classical genre. It’s a mash of classical with… something else – be it electronic, folk, or whatever. Sure, there are some more contemporary exceptions, like Kaada and the epic Johnny Greenwood (I’m thinking his score… Continue reading Le Mépris: Le Mépris [Album Review]


Handsome Furs [Feature Band]

Oh god, what have I done? Why have I done it? Actually, why haven’t I done it? I, of course, am referring to my extensive music library lacking anything whatsoever from Handsome Furs. I mean, how could I have let this happen? I guess you know what’s coming next… yep! They’ve got a new album… Continue reading Handsome Furs [Feature Band]


Ballboy [Feature Band]

Written by Fense I cannot tell you how I stumbled across Ballboy (MySpace), mainly because I cannot remember, despite it being just a moment ago. I had been searching a different band I’ve been contemplating covering, clicking random links and two to four clicks deep I was there, on their page. As far as I… Continue reading Ballboy [Feature Band]

Album Reviews

Dandelion Gold: Sampler Volume 1 [Album Review]

Written by Fense I initially had difficulty classifying this album. After all, Dandelion Gold is both a label and a collective of musicians — would it then be a label compilation or a blend of songs by the collective and thus titled as such? While I ultimately chose the latter, I later altered it to… Continue reading Dandelion Gold: Sampler Volume 1 [Album Review]