Scout Niblett: Gun (Video)

“I think I’m gonna buy me a gun / A nice little silver one / And in a crowd someday / you won’t see it coming anyway…” sings Scout Niblett in her new song “Gun”. Partly angst-ridden and bent on revenge, another part emotionless and cold, the song provides an eerie juxtaposition to a modern… Continue reading Scout Niblett: Gun (Video)


Club 8: Stop Taking My Time (Video)

Club 8 has released their second video for a song off their eighth LP, Above the City, this time for closing track and lead single “Stop Taking My Time”. This video follows a somewhat disturbing one about animal cruelty for album opener “Kill Kill Kill”. Throughout, Above the City is a return to the more… Continue reading Club 8: Stop Taking My Time (Video)


JJUUJJUU: G 4 A G (mp3)

I love that astral, swirling hypnotic sound of bands that create deafening psychedelic rock. You hear it in Wooden Shjips and Moon Duo, and now in LA band JJUUJJUU. This duo consists of Andrew Clinco (Incan Abraham) and Phil Pirrone (Moon Block Party), creating a monumental, energetic sound in “G 4 A G” off their… Continue reading JJUUJJUU: G 4 A G (mp3)


Soledad Vélez: Black Light In The Forest (Video)

There’s something a bit timeless about “Black Light in the Forest”, a new track by Soledad Vélez off her forthcoming LP Wild Fishing, out now on Absolute Beginners Records. This makes sense given her background: Originally from Chile, Vélez grew up with her father’s record player and a guitar. She moved to Argentina and ultimately… Continue reading Soledad Vélez: Black Light In The Forest (Video)


Lars Bygdén: The Hole (Video)

Lars Bygdén is a singer/songwriter from Sweden; that’s to say, he’s an artist who creates haunting folk melodies fronted by strong vocals that seem to echo through the darkness. His latest release – his third under his own name – is simply called LB and the opening track, “The Hole”, recently received very stunning video… Continue reading Lars Bygdén: The Hole (Video)


Legs: Two Colours (Video)

In school, they teach you that the easiest way to get from point A to point B is a straight line. But such things rarely exist in life, especially when they pertain to the progression from where you are today to where you’ll be tomorrow. This is something I’ve given a lot of thought to… Continue reading Legs: Two Colours (Video)


Beach House: Wishes (Video)

Alright. Let me just say that this Beach House video is totally amazing. It features Ray Wise, best known for his role as Laura Palmer’s father Leland Palmer in David Lynch’s epic Twin Peaks series. “Wishes”, directed by Eric Wareheim, is equally as imaginative, other-worldly and surreal as Wise’s famed role.

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Yesper: Cannibal King (MP3 & Video)

Yesper‘s heartfelt folk melodies and luscious finger-plucked guitar will strike a chord with fans of Justin Vernon’s Bon Iver and Sam Beam’s Iron & Wine. With vocals containing a soft playfulness that border on dreamy, Yesper adds in occasional plush with harmonies that complement the accompanying instrumentation.


Art Vandelay Preps “Eye 8 The Crow” out April 2

Let’s get this out right away. This is not my style of music. I tend to shun anything dubbed hip hop or rap. But with a name like Art Vandelay — insert Seinfeld bass-line here — and I couldn’t help at least giving the guy a listen. And DAMN! am I glad I did!