Mount Eerie Releases Heartbreaking Video for “Ravens”

Last year, Phil Elverum of Mount Eerie lost his wife to cancer, a scenario we all fear as we hit the age where our own mortality sinks in. It was a long time before he was ready to step into the music spotlight again. His new album A Crow Looked at Me chronicles this experience… Continue reading Mount Eerie Releases Heartbreaking Video for “Ravens”

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Best Album of 2015 So Far: Eternal Death’s New Self-Titled LP

I see quite a contradiction here. Elin Berlin is the face behind Swedish blog Youth Knows No Pain. In it, for the most part, she seems to maintain a sunny and bright disposition. But things aren’t always as they seem; by night she records under the moniker Eternal Death, a meditative project with Johan Angergård… Continue reading Best Album of 2015 So Far: Eternal Death’s New Self-Titled LP

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Hayden Drops New Single, “Hey Love” – New LP out Soon!

My love of Hayden’s music goes way back. Back, in fact, twenty years to his sophomore release, Everything I Long For. I’ve always been a fan of his mopey Canadian folk rock. As a twenty-year career will do, his sound has evolved quite drastically. Still with a hint of sadness, modern Hayden tracks are more… Continue reading Hayden Drops New Single, “Hey Love” – New LP out Soon!

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Xiu Xiu’s “Stupid In The Dark” Asks You To Kill Your Ungrateful Lover.

Xiu Xiu is rarely an easy listen. Think back to 2004’s Fabulous Muscles and abrasive tracks like “Support Our Troops OH! (Black Angels OH!)” and “Fabulous Muscles (Mama Black Widow Version)”; both presented real-life content upstanding members of society would rather push under the rug and pretend doesn’t exist. Yet “I Luv the Valley OH!”… Continue reading Xiu Xiu’s “Stupid In The Dark” Asks You To Kill Your Ungrateful Lover.


Gap Dream: Shine Your Light (Video)

This month, Gap Dream will release their sophomore LP, Shine Your Light. In preparation for the release, the band has given us a new video for the opening and title track “Shine Your Light”. It features John Ennis (Mr. Show) trying to find is friend/partner who may have been abducted by aliens. The X-Files-like sci-fi… Continue reading Gap Dream: Shine Your Light (Video)


Woods: It Ain’t Easy (Video)

I failed at a few things during my compilation of last year’s Best of 2012 list. Two items stand out: first is the absence of Wymond Miles’ Under the Pale Moon, which I didn’t check out in full until early this year. The second was placing Bend Beyond by Woods someplace other than my number… Continue reading Woods: It Ain’t Easy (Video)


Woodkid: I Love You (Video)

You can find Yoann Lemoine’s name attached to some pretty notable acts: Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Lana Del Rey, though not in the way you may expect. Lemoine is a renowned videographer and designer; the former of which is where he crosses paths with those well-known artists. He also makes music under the moniker… Continue reading Woodkid: I Love You (Video)


The Migrant Returns with ‘Beads’

Denmark artist Bjarke Bendtsen, better known state-side as The Migrant, is back with his third album. Beads continues Bendtsen’s collective-style experimental/psychedelic folk-pop leanings. Loosely translated, GFRock calls the new album “A meditative journey in Nordic Americana.” Earlier this month, the band gave us a video created by a woman named Mary for album highlight “The… Continue reading The Migrant Returns with ‘Beads’


Moodoïd: De Folie Pure (NSFW Video)

Pablo Padovani, son of cult jazz musician Jean-Marc Padovani and guitarist for Melody’s Echo Chamber, goes solo with Moodoïd. Somewhat reminiscent of the erratic nature of GOAT (at least in “De Folie Pure”) and the modern glam Of Montreal has come to encompass, with Moodoïd Padovani creates a mash-up of world music and psychedelic pop.… Continue reading Moodoïd: De Folie Pure (NSFW Video)