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Best Album of 2015 So Far: Eternal Death’s New Self-Titled LP

I see quite a contradiction here. Elin Berlin is the face behind Swedish blog Youth Knows No Pain. In it, for the most part, she seems to maintain a sunny and bright disposition. But things aren’t always as they seem; by night she records under the moniker Eternal Death, a meditative project with Johan Angergård… Continue reading Best Album of 2015 So Far: Eternal Death’s New Self-Titled LP

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Unlikely Friends Release Solid Gold Cowboy on Jigsaw Records

Let’s take a trip back in time. The year is 2006, and FensePost is only a few months old. I stumble upon a newly relocated indiepop artist called BOAT. The band moved from Chicago to Seattle and landed a spot on the Magic Marker Records roster for their debut LP Songs That You Might Not… Continue reading Unlikely Friends Release Solid Gold Cowboy on Jigsaw Records

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Ty Segall’s “Manipulator” Marries Garage Rock and Glam

After a far-too-lengthy hiatus, I have returned. And my gaze first turns toward prolific rocker Ty Segall‘s new LP, Manipulator. Last year I became a bit obsessed with early T. Rex, as in the stuff they released pre “T” under the guise Tyrannosaurus Rex. In particular, the album Beard of Stars. Around the same time,… Continue reading Ty Segall’s “Manipulator” Marries Garage Rock and Glam

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Rose Windows Return with ‘There Is A Light’

One of my favorite new artists of 2013 was Seattle’s Rose Windows. Their debut LP, The Sun Dogs, on Sub Pop was a luscious array of mildly psych-induced folk rock fronted by Rabia Shaheen Qazi exotic vocals. It continues: Rose Windows have now given us a first taste of life beyond The Sun Dogs with… Continue reading Rose Windows Return with ‘There Is A Light’

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Axxa/Abraxas: Not Your Average Stoner Pop

Axxa/Abraxas is the moniker of one Ben Asbury, a man creating psychedelic stoner pop that very much fits the vein of Captured Tracks, who released the band’s self-titled LP back in what looks like early March. I’m just now catching wind of this album, and it has taken me by storm.

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Wye Oak’s New LP is Far From What You Might Expect. And That’s A Good Thing.

I was apprehensive the first time I hear “The Tower” by Wye Oak. The new track, off Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner’s forthcoming LP Shriek, is so vastly different from their previous material, I was almost initiated the metaphorical reject button. Gave it a few days, and tried it again with better results.

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September Girls’ Debut LP ‘Cursing the Sea’ is Out Now on Fortuna Pop!

Oh September Girls. These days, your heavily distorted female dominated pop group is somewhat run-of-the-mill. That sound blew up in the indie masses with Vivan Girls, and it continued with spinoffs Frankie Rose, Best Coast and La Sera. Hell, you even hear a bit of that sound in WOODS-related band The Babies.

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The Rebel Set: How To Make A Monster

How To Make A Monster by The Rebel Set came out just about a month ago on Burger Records. I picked up a copy of the cassette and it has accompanied me on my 60 mile round-trip commute ever since. Drenched in a garage-y reverb with a subtle distortion in the vocal track, Phoenix band’s… Continue reading The Rebel Set: How To Make A Monster

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Marshall Poole: The Misconception (2013)

When Marshall Poole released their first official EP, The Misconception, on November 26th, 2013, the bar for alternative-indie blues/rock bands in the Northwest area was raised forever. In their first track, “Crosstops,” vocalist and lead guitarist, Rider Soran, sets the stage for the entire record as he screams “Wanna get wild?” And as the first… Continue reading Marshall Poole: The Misconception (2013)