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Three New Singles by Funny/Not Funny Records

On Friday, I received a nice little package in the mail by Funny/Not Funny Records containing three 7-inch singles. As it’s been a very long time since I’ve done a Cover Art piece, and with our nice new bamboo floor, I figured now was the time to reinstate that section on FensePost. All three are… Continue reading Three New Singles by Funny/Not Funny Records

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James Husband: A Parallax I (Cover Art)

Any music nerd that enjoys the physical release is likely to favor limited print items. Case in point: me. I love ‘em! Can’t get enough of ‘em. A limited release means it will ultimately go out of print, and that OOP association is something nerds like me freak out about. Take, for example, yesterday; someone… Continue reading James Husband: A Parallax I (Cover Art)

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Snow Caps: Moonbreak [Cover Art]

Edible Onion always provides the most unique cover art, be it on CD or vinyl. One of their latest is from a band called Snow Caps, the release: Moonbreak. Snow Caps creates light, playful bedroom folk-pop. The band is Andrew Keller of Hermit Thrushes, and Moonbreak is the result of more than two years of… Continue reading Snow Caps: Moonbreak [Cover Art]

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Banned Books: Mission Creep [Cover Art]

Banned Books, I don’t really know what to think of you. There are times where I get your music, like with “Summer Death Camp”. I can totally rock to that. But others like “Wilderness Area” are a bit out there for even an eclectic palate such as mine. Still, for the most part, I’m totally… Continue reading Banned Books: Mission Creep [Cover Art]

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Charles The Osprey: Consider [Cover Art]

Was the last *new* Cover Art really from the holiday season? Boy does time fly. Well, I received this nice slab of vinyl in the mail the other day and I couldn’t help it. The camera came out and that led to this: the first Cover Art piece we’ve done in more than six months.… Continue reading Charles The Osprey: Consider [Cover Art]

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The Lucksmiths: Three Out of Print Singles

Another Cover Art piece transferred over from that site, this time covering three out of print singles by one of the greatest Australian bands to ever exist — The Lucksmiths. The band may no longer be together, but their music stands just as strong as it did one the day it was released, be it… Continue reading The Lucksmiths: Three Out of Print Singles

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Air Waves: EP [Cover Art]

Last week I featured Air Waves’ song “Keys” in the third installment of the FensePost Podcast and I made reference to this post. You see, a while back I created a little page called Cover Art and I did it outside of FensePost. Ultimately this site is the one that dominates my time, and I… Continue reading Air Waves: EP [Cover Art]

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Royal City: 1999-2004 [Cover Art]

On a recent drive to Seattle from my new hometown of Mount Vernon, I picked up my iPod Touch and changed the song to Royal City’s “Bad Luck”, putting it on a one-song repeat. The song clocks 3:04 and is only the palest shade less impressive than album opener “Here Comes Success”. Both songs are… Continue reading Royal City: 1999-2004 [Cover Art]