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A 1980s Garage Rock Revival Binge

One of my favorite sellers on Discogs is a company out of Florida called LaVicie’s Polyester Banana. They have a great (and vast) selection in general, and a slew of obscure releases from the 80s and early 90s garage rock revival. I’ve placed a few orders from LaVicie, the most recent of which arrived early… Continue reading A 1980s Garage Rock Revival Binge


Voxtrot: Berin, Without Return (or, The Completist in Me Just Went Nuts)

Last week a package arrived in the mail and the completist in me went absolutely apeshit. Years after its original limited release of just 400 copies, I finally had in my possession the long lost (at least for me) Voxtrot single, Berlin, Without Return. The Obsession Begins Let’s take a trip back twelve years to… Continue reading Voxtrot: Berin, Without Return (or, The Completist in Me Just Went Nuts)


Eleven: The Path Forward

No, eleven isn’t just a play on my favorite new TV show of 2016, Stranger Things. It’s a reminder to myself that 2017 is the eleventh year FensePost has been in existence, and the year that I take a new path forward in the content I create as I rebuild the FensePost following. Commentary on… Continue reading Eleven: The Path Forward


Where Has FensePost Gone?

I can count on two hands the number of posts FensePost has published in the past two months. The same for the two months before that, and on back for likely six to eight months. For a blog that once prided itself on near daily posts for seven years, this is far from the norm.… Continue reading Where Has FensePost Gone?