Golden Bloom: Rhyme The Reason (Video)

Shawn Fogel has a light-hearted way of conducting himself that makes his lovable indie-pop songs so damn interesting and enlightening.  And this is probably why FensePost has featured his worked damn near religiously since his inception of the moniker known as Golden Bloom.  With every move the man makes, we are right there behind him.… Continue reading Golden Bloom: Rhyme The Reason (Video)

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Jesse Payne: Take Me MP3

It’s all coming back completely full circle.  Folk music proves itself time and time again to be one of the truest influences in the musical world.  A touch of Americana blended with a grave sense of indie rock realism rarely turns out badly.  And in the case of Jesse Payne‘s latest album Buffalo and it’s… Continue reading Jesse Payne: Take Me MP3

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Blitzen Trapper: American Goldwing (Album Review)

There are very few certainties in life. With the economy in a downfall, natural disasters coming from all angles, and the earth slowly warming, it is very easy to become weary about any sort of regularity in this world. But, there is are two certainties you can always count on: 1) you are going to… Continue reading Blitzen Trapper: American Goldwing (Album Review)

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John Craig & The Weekend: Numbers (Album Review)

Eclectic pop music and Portland seem to go together like coffee, cigarettes, and Sartre. The branding itself really seems like a rationalization by critics, press gurus, and bloggers alike who can’t seem to fit an artist into a category. And this is probably where an act like the Portland (and the rest of Oregon) based… Continue reading John Craig & The Weekend: Numbers (Album Review)


Blitzen Trapper: Love The Way You Walk Away (Video)

Blitzen Trapper are arguably one of the hardest working (and most estranged in character) bands out today. With a relentless tour schedule that makes you wonder if Eric Earley and crew actually have homes to go back to, and what seems to be an “album a year” strategy going for them, they have definitely earned… Continue reading Blitzen Trapper: Love The Way You Walk Away (Video)

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Southerly: Youth (Album Review)

Some artists seem to prefer a sound that is constant, well structured, and predictable in the kindest sense. Krist Krueger, a.k.a. Southerly, is not one of these artists. But this is not to say that he is a frantic-minded artist hell bend on chaos, for he is actually quite the opposite. Krueger simply denies the… Continue reading Southerly: Youth (Album Review)


Baby Teardrops: ME Where (Video)

There is no greater feeling that starting completely fresh with a new band, with zero expectations and limited preconceptions on what you are about to hear. That being said, Baby Teardrops are phenomenal!! They bring along that sense of, “Why the hell haven’t I heard of these guys before?” all the while questioning your self… Continue reading Baby Teardrops: ME Where (Video)


Nick Haslett (Feature)

Somewhere between the ancient world and the modern, the glory of folk music has never ceased to roar its intangible through several different forms of plucking and praying. Whether it be old country blues, delta blues rediscovered, west coast interpretation, or just the idea that a singer/songwriter is the one true connection to the times… Continue reading Nick Haslett (Feature)

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Golden Bloom: March To The Drums (Album Review)

So the waiting period is officially over. The illustrious Shawn Fogel has brought us some new dishes of indie-pop deliciousness to dribble over. Indeed, the comeback of Golden Bloom is, on the surface, a simple EP. But March To The Drums is far from just a collection sample tracks to hold you over until something… Continue reading Golden Bloom: March To The Drums (Album Review)

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Lotte Kestner: Stolen [Album Review]

Let’s just throw it out there right now: Anna-Lynne Williams has one of the most captivating set of vocal chords this side of the Atlantic. Her tantalizing and dazzling voice has the ability to permeate your soul for as long as you can withstand its beauty. And it doesn’t matter the moniker or collective group… Continue reading Lotte Kestner: Stolen [Album Review]