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Japandroids: Live at Chop Suey

Japandroids played the last show of their U.S. tour at Chop Suey last Tuesday evening to an enthusiastic crowd. Before starting the set, guitarist Brian King asked the audience to “come down here and get wild.” If the crowd was a little hesitant at first, King and drummer David Prowse more than made up for… Continue reading Japandroids: Live at Chop Suey

Live Reviews

Julian Plenti: Live at Chop Suey [2009.11.16]

Paul Banks was certainly the crowd favorite at the Julian Plenti show at Chop Suey on Monday night. Although there were cheers of “I love you, Paul” throughout the set, the musicians Banks brought in to back his solo project were certainly no slouches (particularly the bassist and cellist, whose names this writer was unfortunately… Continue reading Julian Plenti: Live at Chop Suey [2009.11.16]

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Interview with Levi Fuller, “DIY Mayor of Seattle”

I recently sat down with Levi Fuller, a Seattle singer/songwriter, to talk about his recently released album Colossal, as well as several other somewhat related topics (ranging from cephalopods to the digitalization of music). Levi, who originally hails from Boston, has been a fixture in the Seattle music scene for several years now. He is… Continue reading Interview with Levi Fuller, “DIY Mayor of Seattle”

Live Reviews

Grizzly Bear: Live at the Moore Theatre [2009.10.16]

The smell of wet wool was pervasive as drenched Seattleites escaped the rain Friday night to attend the Grizzly Bear show at the Moore Theatre. The weathered venue, coupled with a spectacular light display of Mason jars hanging from telephone pole-like structures provided an intimate listening environment.