Typhoon [Feature]

Typhoon is an eleven piece ensemble band from Portland, OR. With their album Hunger and Thirst (produced with Portland’s incredible label Tender Loving Empire), they’ve garnered quite a bit of positive attention, none of it undeserved. Named for a Nietzsche thought, Typhoon create songs highly emotive and visceral in both structure and theme. Their music… Continue reading Typhoon [Feature]


The Woodlands: In The Dark On Monday [Video]

The latest video from Portland folk-pop duo The Woodlands is a wispy look into how the two probably spend many of their days (check out Augustina Finch’s Etsy page for proof, delightful hand sewn cards made of memories). In fact this video was originally intended for their Etsy page but after some re-consideration the band… Continue reading The Woodlands: In The Dark On Monday [Video]

Song Reviews

Daniel Martin Moore: Dark Road [mp3]

Daniel Martin Moore’s new single “Dark Road” is a cooling breath of those rare-gem style of songs which remind us grandeur can exist within simplicity; less does not always mean boring. Adhering to his Appalachian-daydreamer style Moore tosses us a billowy, empty-jug rhythm that when swirled with lyrics of uncluttered beauty makes the notion of… Continue reading Daniel Martin Moore: Dark Road [mp3]

Live Reviews

Horse Feathers Live in Pullman

Someone once told me music is a spiritual experience; to listen to it is to allow ourselves to become a part of something intricately beautiful, difficult, and communal. Indeed there is something irrevocably spiritual about the music of Horse Feathers; a depth and lushness in their simple tone and candor that lifts us into a… Continue reading Horse Feathers Live in Pullman


Son of Rams [Feature]

Joseph Pruitt of Family Trees has been busy creating a new one-man side project called Son of Rams; music so gritty and irresistible it’s perhaps the best cure for those winter time blues. Though we can hear the classic rock influences, from sixties pop melodies to seventies psychedelic rock riffs, there remains a refreshingly progressive… Continue reading Son of Rams [Feature]


An Interview with Y La Bamba’s Luz Mendoza

The music of Portland based band Y La Bamba is that of beautiful, intoxicating contrasts. Both parts calming and alarming, meditative and flippant, their songs weave the delicate web of a line between the joy and sorrow of being alive. I was fortunate enough to see them play in Pullman (alongside Buffalo Death Beam and… Continue reading An Interview with Y La Bamba’s Luz Mendoza


Common Prayer [Feature]

With their well received debut album There Is A Mountain, Brooklyn based band Common Prayer have attained a comforting and familiar sound picturesquely layered with the best of the British folk-pop sensibilities. Banjos, guitars, and strings interweave subtly in and out of one another creating quietly strong songs; tunes that are tattered, windblown, and personable.… Continue reading Common Prayer [Feature]

Album Reviews

Inner Prisms: Synchronicity [Album Review]

There is something very grandfatherly about the music of Inner Prisms. It’s warm, comforting, and even a little bit mischievous. Whether singing about a dusty road or a kitty, the big city or past loves, these artists are great for making nostalgia a jovial experience.  Acoustic guitar, harmonicas, and swimming bass lines wield for us a… Continue reading Inner Prisms: Synchronicity [Album Review]


The Head And The Heart [Feature]

The Head and the Heart craft songs of such sweetly cadenced melodies and rhythms we can’t help but feel all together joyful when we hear them. Their self-titled debut album is from beginning to end an effortlessly accessible celebration of a refusal to give in to the thick of things. With a beautiful sun-lit Americana… Continue reading The Head And The Heart [Feature]