FensePost is an indie music blog created by Andy Fenstermaker on June 6, 2006. The site is devoted to the love of discovering great underground music. Based in Mount Vernon, WA, the heart of Skagit County, we are located in the fertile tulip and potato-filled lands between Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC.

Disclaimer #1
We receive countless tracks and albums via email and the post each day. It is best to assume that anything we cover came to us in this manner. All songs are provided for sampling purposes only. We are strong proponents of supporting artists and musicians and the independent labels that release their music. If you like what you hear, please support the artist by purchasing their music be it digitally or in physical form.

Disclaimer #2
If any hosted songs or images are being used in a manner you deem inappropriate, please email andy@ the URL you are visiting and include the word INAPPROPRIATE at the beginning of the email subject line, and we will work to rectify the situation in a timely manner.

Submission Policy:
Feel free to send your music to andy@ the URL you are visiting. Please do not attach songs to email; we prefer albums and songs come digitally via an externally-located, zipped download link as opposed to directly attached to email.

If you wish to send us a physical release (note we love vinyl and tapes!) ask for an address.

Occasional / Past Contributors:
In addition to Andy Fenstermaker, FensePost has had articles written and published by the following individuals:

Emily Anderson
Tyler Averett
Jess Barnett
Andy Boyan
Erich Cannon [aka eri-CH]
Andy Cockle
Monica Corona
Matthew Glidden
Marc Griffin
Mike Guay [aka Guay$]
Jon Harthun
Jon Hegglund
Ola Hungerford
Alma Jones
Cyndi Kimmel
Darci Larsen
Kyle Lawrence [aka The Nice Asshole]
Bob Lange
Ana Lete
Danniel Linn
Julia Lipscomb
Ben Meyercord
Nate Prudhon [aka N8]
Sherri Prunier
Grant Purdum
Nicole Rajesky
Justin Ray Ross
Jeremy Ryan
Brielle Shaeffer
Margaret Singbeil [aka Margar]
Katrina Snow [aka Kat]
Lori Stewart
Ron Trembath

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