FensePost originally launched on June 6, 2006 out of a small house on the hill in Pullman, WA.

It was created as an expressive outlet and music discovery channel by recent WSU graduate Andy Fenstermaker (hey, that’s me, in that photo below!), who loved introducing folks to music he felt was, in the wise words of Bill and Ted, Most Excellent.

Fast forward to today: he’s written thousands of reviews and features, and FensePost has seen dozens of one-time and regular authors alike. FensePost begins it’s version five…or six or seven. Something like that. Let’s call it Version X.

Fresh off a multi-year-long hiatus, FensePost am back with a vengeance.

FensePost X covers new and old alike, but is entirely devoted the the physical release, be it vinyl or cassette or uniquely packaged compact disc. With the emphasis on the physical comes incorporation of original photos and imagery, external embeds of audio (because, duh, it’s a music blog), and more.

To go along with all things new, how about a new location? No longer is FensePost local to Northwest Washington. The blog is headquartered in Plano, TX as of March 2020.

I hope you enjoy the new and improved FensePost.

For previews of upcoming posts, photos of vinyl from my collection and my crate digging ventures, and other shots relating to an assortment of topics from motorcycles to healthy living, follow Fense on Instagram.

Disclaimer #1

I receive countless tracks and albums via email each day. It is best to assume that anything I/we cover came to us in this manner, though most of that has become clutter. Occasional pieces surface from those means.

Any old, downloadable songs that you may dig up are provided for sampling purposes only. I haven’t posted such things in several years with the domination of streamable content.

I am a strong proponent of supporting artists and musicians and the independent labels that release their music (not to mention the PR folks they employ). If you like what you hear, please support these fine folks by purchasing their music be it digitally or in physical form.

Just buy it already, damnit.

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  1. Hi Andy and Co. We adore your blog!

    We’re having a venetian masquerade party this Wednesday (3/24) at The Crocodile with Ravenna Woods and The Horde and the Harem. There should be enough curious characters there to fill a Dickens novel – all dressed in formal attire and wearing venetian masks.

    We’re releasing our new record Rotten Apples which was mixed by Steve Fisk, famed Nirvana producer and Sub Pop native. It was recorded with Kyle o Quin and Phil Peterson (Wild Orchid Children/Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground). You should check our our tunes and come out to the show, we’d love to have you cover/photograph/enjoy the ball! Hope you can make it out to the show!

    thanks dude!

    Nick and Peter
    Let’s Get Lost

    http://www.seattleshowgal.com/plan-for-let’s-get-lost-masquerade/ – other examples of press for the masquerade

    http://www.myspace.com/letsgetlosttogether – tunes/tour schedule.

    http://www.letsgetlost.net – invitation to the Crocodile masquerade.

  2. The Loomis Fargo Gang would like to extend our warmest appreciations and Thank Yous for the eloquently articulate review of our debut album Humans, Nature, and Human Nature and for showcasing it on the front page. We all think your website is a passionate and straight fucking awesome! If there is ever anything you need from the Hampton Roads area please contact us and we’ll be glad to help. We will be glad to spread the word about Fensepost. Once again, thanks for all the kind support and we wish you the best. Brad, Pil, Nash, Bosler, and Matt.

  3. Hi FensePost!

    I wanted to email you guys, but I couldn’t find an email anywhere on the About page.

    My new single “(I Wanna Meet) Bill Nye” is going to be out on March 1st and it is also the first music video I’ve released!

    Please check out the press release on my website here and I hope you’ll give it a look and listen! Thanks so much for your time!



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  4. Hey, Firstly this website is awesome! Thank you. Secondly, I’m a multi-instrumentalist DIY producer from north of the border and I would really like to read your review of my music. I have 3 albums available for free download, 2 are instrumental. https://jdzenchuk.bandcamp.com 🙂 Hope you like it! Thank you so much for the time and cyberspace! Sorry if this wasn’t the right way to contact you!

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